Fireflies E01 wrong firmware

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Fireflies E01 wrong firmware

Just letting everyone know that Fireflies’ batch of E01 has two different firmware versions.

I recently received my large order after becoming a distributor and 4pcs have full anduril and 2pcs use their own altered version. This will mess quite a few people up when the UI is entirely different to the instructions given.

Fireflies have some great lights but find their quality control is very poor. Disappointing for a new manufacturer

- o rings too large on the PL47 Gen 2 which results in them being cut screwing on the tail cap. Replaced with S2+ o rings
- 1pc magnetic tail cap had glue all around the sides.
- 1pc E01 battery tube was 0.3mm too short resulting in no contact
- 1pc E01 led still slightly glowing when off, high parasitic drain
- 1pc E01 arrived just a head in the box (dead)
- 1pc E07 Gen 2 had a very hard to press switch

Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with maukka lights

New Zealand store – (NZ customers only)

YouTube channel – (Demos for my customers, and reviews)