G'day from Aus!

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G'day from Aus!

G’day everyone from (not so sunny) Melbourne, Australia,

New to the forum and lights in general, I’m still just learning the ropes and I’m yet to make my first ‘proper’ light purchase. I’ve been getting by for years on cheap, crappy lights for head torches, torches, bike lights, you name it. And now I’m taking a stand and taking my light game to the next level! Big Smile

I“ll certainly be tapping in to some of the collective knowledge of this forum to help me out

Hope everyone is keeping safe in this current crisis,

Cheers Beer


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It's good to have you here, 911vic!


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Take care mate. There’s a small crowd of Aussies here, we can point you in the right direction for local stuff.

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Hi and welcome neighbour. Enjoy your stay.


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Hey mate welcome. There are a bunch of fellow Aussies on here that will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

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Welcome to BLF 911vic! I’m hoping to visit your country at some point soon. Any of the BLF, Astrolux, or Convoy flashlights would be good “proper” flashlights. But there are also many other very good flashlights out there too.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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G’day from Brisvegas

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Welcome, Matt! Now that daylight saving is over, it’s our time to shine!

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Hi mate I’m from Melbourne Vic as well, I’m also getting into the flashlight bug, I just bought a astrolux mf04s, and I jumped on to this site to ask some of the boys for some info about boosting the flashlight, as I want more POWER LOL

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Very much appreciate the warm welcome fellas, I’ve already got a Convoy S2+ on the way. Very excited to start the collection!