[Review] Nitecore NEW P12 1200 Lumen by Video_Italia_Review

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[Review] Nitecore NEW P12 1200 Lumen by Video_Italia_Review

In this review we will see in detail the flashlight NEW P12, Powered by a 4000mAh 21700 battery slightly larger than the classic 18650 batteries, *Nitecore *designers have managed to make a flashlight with a standard diameter of 1” (inch) giving this flashlight full compatibility with gun mounts or rifles already marketed in the past, in fact as you can see it has the same diameter as the MH12GT powered by 18650 battery.

In this review you will simply find my impressions and opinions, I am not a technician or engineer experienced in electronics or lighting, but a simple passionate user.

I will not test the flashlight for several reasons, first of all it is that the flashlight in question has already been tested in laboratories accredited with precise and calibrated instruments, with home tests I could confuse your ideas more, so I rely on the data shown in the table measured in accordance with the international standard ANSI/NEMAFL1 using the supplied battery.

Data may vary slightly in real world conditions due to work habits and environmental conditions.


As you can see from the photos, the packaging is always very well cared for with a graphic that shows the flashlight and all the useful indications of the characteristics and performance.

The package is full of accessories in fact inside the package we find:

  • Metal clip;
  • Lace,
  • Hard plastic case;
  • Adapter for 18650 batteries
  • 1 oring;
  • Replacement cap for the power button.


Insert a 21700 battery or an 18650 battery + adapter, with the positive (+) end facing the head. Fortunately even if distracted we will insert the batteries in reverse the NEW P12 will not work thanks to the protection of the integrated circuits.

User interface

The operation of the flashlight is very simple, it is equipped with only 2 buttons, a power button placed at the tail of the flashlight and a button for selecting the various light intensities.

You have the option to momentarily turn on the flashlight by pressing the main button on the tail of the flashlight halfway which will turn off when we release it.

The user interface is very simple, like all Nitecore flashlight , designed to make life easier for us.

With the flashlight on, repeatedly press the mode switch to scroll through the brightness levels: 1-lumen ultra-low, 60 lumens low, 340 lumens medium and 1200 lumens high.

The flashlight has two different operating modes.


Factory mode Daily mode: we will have 4 levels of intensity and 3 special modes Strobe, Localization (Beacon) that we have already seen in the MH12GT flashlight, it is a very useful mode to make us visible at great distances.
Finally the SOS mode. In addition, during the use of the Daily mode, the flashlight will keep in memory the option used at switch-off and will propose it again at switch-on.

The second operating mode is the Tactical mode: in which we will have 4 levels of intensity, but this time proposed in the opposite sequence, therefore: High – Mid – Low – Ultra low, and we will only find a special mode, the strobe mode, also in this mode the flashlight will keep memory but will only reproduce the HIGH or strobe intensity, so if we turn off the flashlight while using the low, ultra low or mid mode, when it is switched on again it will propose the High mode.

How to switch from one mode to another?

as you can see also from the demonstration clip, just hold down the mode button and turn on the flashlight, after 5 seconds, the blue led under the mode button will flash quickly and finally emit a flash to indicate that the Daily mode is active while it will flash 2 times to indicate that tactical mode is active.


The flashlight is equipped with a residual battery charge indicator, a Nitecore patent in which the flashlight will indicate the residual voltage of the batteries, in fact we just need to press the two buttons simultaneously and the blue LED will indicate the residual battery voltage, emitting flashes . For example, if the battery has a residual voltage of 4.1V, the blue LED will emit 4 flashes then a pause and finally a flash.


Like all Nitecore flashlight , this one is also equipped with a super-resistant aeronautical aluminum alloy body.

I tried to scratch the flashlight with a stone, but it was enough for me to clean it with my fingertip to make it look like new.


The flashlight is very similar to the MH12GT, we immediately realize its extreme quality, the construction materials and the assembly are truly unmatched.

The power switch guarantees excellent grip, even if we wear tactical gloves, the feedback from the buttons is fantastic.

Despite its compact size, it is very powerful, it can deliver 1200lumens and a light intensity of 14200cd for a launch of over 230mt.

I carried out small field tests to check the actual distance covered but the variables involved are so many, such as the high humidity in the air, that we cannot consider this test reliable but we can get an idea on the power of this flashlight .

Nitecore claims to be able to reach 5m with ultra low power and here you can see an example,

then I moved to 40 meters reachable according to the nitecore with the low power,

I still walked about 120 meters away, reachable with the mid power and as we can see the flag is clearly visible,

and finally I moved away until I reached about 220 meters and with the high power we can see that the flag is really far from us, but still clearly visible despite the very high humidity of the air.

During my tests I could see that the 60 lumens LOW power and over 50 hours of operation is abundantly useful for walking at night.

The main light reflector is of the smooth type with crystal coating which creates an emission beam of 80 degrees. The main light is cold white (6500k CCT), with the usual slightly yellow tint shifting towards the SPOT (central circle of the light beam), the SPILL (peripheral portion of the light beam) is very soft the contrast with the spot is net.


As also in the MH12GT also in this brand new P12 we find the integrated ATR temperature regulation technology that regulates the power based on the working conditions and the surrounding environment to maintain optimal performance and safeguard the internal circuits from overtemperature.

I also remember that it is equipped with IPX8 protection, therefore protected from diving up to 2 meters.

WHAT I LIKE (each item will be analyzed specifically in the conclusions):

  • Dimensions,
  • Construction,
  • Internal technology,

WHAT I DON’T LIKE (each item will be analyzed specifically in the conclusions):

  • Not rechargeable,


The work done to keep the compact size despite a larger battery is truly remarkable, the Nitecore build quality is truly impressive as well as the internal technology.

The only thing I don’t like is the absence of the USB charging module, but giving up this peculiarity I think was a forced choice by the designers precisely to keep the dimensions compact.


  • It uses a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED with a maximum output power of 1,200 lumens
  • Maximum light intensity of 13,200cd and maximum range of 230 meters
  • Glasses and parables with anti-reflective treatments, crystal coating and with PDOT (Precision Digital Optics Technology)
  • Powered by a high capacity 21700 Li-ion battery and compatible with both 18650 and CR123 batteries to allow constant light up to 1,200 hours.
  • Two modes of use: Tactical Mode and Daily Mode
  • The rear button and the lateral metallic selection button control 4 different brightness levels and 3 special modes.
  • STROBO mode constantly changes frequency randomly, to maximize disorientation effects.
  • Integrated potentiometer, with indicator light to indicate the remaining battery charge (Patent N ° ZL201220057767.4)
  • The integrated potentiometer can also indicate the residual voltage of the inserted battery, with a minimum voltage deviation (± 0.1V)
  • High efficiency circuits to allow constant light
  • ATR (Advanced Temperature Regulation) technology for temperature regulation (Patent N ° ZL201510534543.6)
  • Electronic protection against reverse polarity of the battery
  • Optical lenses with anti-scratch cover on both sides
  • Built in solid aeronautical aluminum alloy
  • Robust HAIII type anodizing with military specifications
  • Immersible as per IPX8 specifications (up to 2m depth for 30min)
  • Resistant to impacts and falls up to a maximum of 1m. in height


Dimensions: 15.4cm (L) – 2.54cm (D stem) – 2.54cm (D head) – 2.72cm (D shank)

Weight: 83g (without battery)


HIGH: 1200 Lumens – 238m – 14200cd

MID: 340 Lumens – 122m – 3750cd

LOW: 60 Lumens – 44m – 500cd

ULTRALOW: 1 Lumen – 5m – 6cd

The reported data were measured according to international ANSI / NEMA FL1 standards under laboratory conditions.

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