[WTB] -- TN31/K40 driver (or WTS TN31 host)

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[WTB] -- TN31/K40 driver (or WTS TN31 host)

Well I released the factory smoke from my TN31 driver. Couldn’t leave well enough alone. Facepalm I still get some function out of it but not really anything usable.

Looking for any suitable replacement from the Thrunite/Acebeam/Supbeam series. 3v series preferred but 6v and 9v would be considered as well. Also would appreciate any alternatives if one doesn’t materialize.

Alternatively, the host is in excellent shape if anyone was looking for one on the cheap. Hate to see it go but in the process of buying a house so $$$ talks.


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You could try the Pawn Shop on the Corner in your town? Innocent

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Maybe try contacting the company, or Aliexpress or CPF member vinh54