Sofirn SP33 V3.0 (3500 lumen, 1x26650)+Video

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Sofirn SP33 V3.0 (3500 lumen, 1x26650)+Video

The new SP33 offers:

+ 3500 lumen in cold white. I prefer the usual neutral white but the light color is not as bluish as my indoor shots would indicate and it did a good job outdoors.
+ active temperature control: regulates lightoutput up and down according actual temerature – no more timed stepdown
+ USB 3.0, well done, too tight for some cabels (comes with a good one though!), 100% water proof
+ OP reflector, allround beam pattern, soft, wide hotspot
+ can run directly from a USB power source (no battery needed)
+ takes 26650, 18650, 21700, adapter and double springs
+ massive stainless bezel.
+ UI with 2x mode groups, ramping, no PWM

Please enjoy: