18500 energy density

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18500 energy density

It seems like the High Discharge (10A continous / 20A max) 18350’s cells have gotten denser lately topping out at 1100-1200mah.


I’d like to see a similar bump for the 18500’s. Currently, all other specs being equal, they are at the same capacity as the 18350’s.


I do see 2000mah 18500’s but they aren’t high drain (below 4A).

I recently got a FW1A Pro and swapped out the 18650 battery tube for 18500 one and to me it looks fantastic.

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No real market impetus for 18500s, so no real innovation to push the envelope.


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I love the 18500 tube on the fw3a series.
I use the Panasonic 2000mah cells and they are more than fine for the type of light and its uses. Be honest, FET is for fun on the fw3a.
I would actually estimate it does far more than 4a. I’m running mostly high cri emitters in them, but I can’t tell the output difference with the FET,maybe the tinest.

This setup with say a 219b/c is my favourite edc home light. 15mm drop in length is worth dropping 1500mah much of the time. 2300mah drop to an 18350 is too much.
I would love to see more 18500 lights. 18350 cells just don’t last long enough to me.