XTAR Brand New Concept Battery Charger--- VH4 & CH2

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XTAR Brand New Concept Battery Charger--- VH4 & CH2

1-Innovative energizing ring makes charging vertically
2-Reduced by nearly 60% , smaller size and more portable
3-High-definition LCD screen, displays the charging status

What is that battery㊙️
XTAR energized ring makes Li-ion batteries to be charged vertically. It can be charged with XTAR CH2 and CH4 vertical chargers, which greatly reduce the volume of the battery chargers, improve the portability and convenience.

The vertical charger is a conceptual product, and will not be sold on the market. We are working to innovate and improve our design now. Do you have any questions and suggestions for this design? Please kindly comment below. We are happy to collect your feedback. Any ideas are welcomed.

Come on guys! Maybe the next improvement adopts your ideas.

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This is basically a battery without a wrapper. NOT a good idea.

Plus you have to store this rings for different sizes? Takes up just as much space as a normal charger at that point. You are better off saving on size by refining your USB-C PD and QC3.0 as input products

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Agree with contactcr: This is an accident waiting to happen. What if my battery is protected and you damage the connection on the side of the battery? I’d rather not set my house on fire.

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1) There is absolutely nothing high-definition about the display on either unit! High-definition (HD) simply means a pixel measurement of 1280 × 720 pixels or more. No matter how large the screen is, as long as the pixel measurement remains at this measurement, it’s an HD display. So please stop trying to mislead people.

2) I would never consider buying a charger that can only charge proprietary (i.e. – non-standard) batteries.

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Too much messing about for me, I’d be guaranteed to short something out sooner or later.

If I were desperate to save space, I’d use a charger with magnetic flying leads like the Olight UC:


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It’s a good idea, but anything that requires accessories for charging batteries (besides a power adapter) for cylindrical batteries is a no-go. Just more stuff to lose or get misplaced.

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Other than powerbank for mobile phone, my rest of my chargers never leave my house or workplace.

2-Reduced by nearly 60% , smaller size and more portable


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I own 12 Xtar chargers and that design will never become the 13th, sorry to say.