manker e11

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manker e11

Hi everyone, in my manker e11 the driver burned out, can someone advise where to find a replacement

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you are sure it is not the AWFUL switch!>?

it may be glued in, my U11 had glued driver, making it impossible to even try to replace the AWFUL SWITCH!

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Lumintop uses them in the EDC05. Maybe you could ask them. Or Manker, of course.

Always wondered how Lumi could have the drivers when Maker called the EDC05 a copy. Anyone knows the whole story?

Nice light, btw. I loved my EDC05 and gave it away just for the CW.

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I just made a 14500-only 3 amp linear driver for the UT01 / E11. It’s a bit tedious though. Info here:

It is said that the Lumintop GT Micro driver is a drop in and you can ask at the Lumintop AliExpress store to get one. See here for more details: