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Lou Minescence
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There was a big thread about CK on CPF in the cheers and jeers section. It is not there anymore after one of the crashes there. Basically some people got burned and posted about it. They knew his identity too.

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Interesting…..both from Ohio. I must say I’ve never heard anything good said about an Ohioan.

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Well – that’s a broad generalization – I was born in Ohio and spent many years with many good people in Ohio. But that’s just my opinion.

Still hoping to get some lights back, I’m running out of time.

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traviskeese00 is a scammer that recently appeared on CPF

google shows he also scams other forums, so keep an eye out to avoid him if he shows up here

his modus operandi is, he sent me a photo of a light for sale. He wanted me to pay by venmo. I said I would only use Paypal. His paypal was not working, but he fixed it after I messaged him (via CPF PM)

So I paid by Paypal G&S. He then denied receiving the payment, and failed to respond to any emails sent to the same payment email.

I immediately put a stop payment on the credit card that feeds my paypal, and initiated a dispute with paypal for non receipt of goods (there is no category for “seller denies receiving payment”). Shortly after I got a refund. Obviously the seller had LIED when he said he had not received the payment.

I think the reason I got a refund was because I used Paypal Goods and Services, NOT friends and family, and NOT Venmo.

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@jon_slider Thanks, I added him to the warning list in the OP.

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