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Lux-Perpetua wrote:
Lightbringer wrote:
If it’s going to be “too different” from the original ’30, howbow calling it a WK31 instead?

I don’t have any objections against another model name. None of the beforehand discussed ideas are confirmed yet. I just hope that many of these ideas can be realized.

After a light mutates and mutates and mutates some more, but keeps the same basename, it gets confusing.


“Ooh, I like my SP10.”

“Uhh, which one? The original SP10, the SP10A, the SP10A v2.0, the SP10B, the SP10Bpro, the SP10Bpro v2.0, the SP10S, the SP10S pro v2.0, what?”

Meanwhile, the original looks nothing like the latest, has a completely different UI, different emitters, charging vs no charging, etc.


Original SP10:

Latest SP10:

Okay, I’m exaggerating… a little.

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

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Two items I would like to discuss-
Leds- I would like to have a warm white, high CRI, led instead of the red LED. Keep the main white LED and UV LED as they are. I don’t mind swapping the LED myself as long as the light is easy access- no glue!
Ramping mode- My favorite lights all have ramping UI and I really prefer the ramp to go all the way from moonlight to max. I like the Anduril ramp the best. From off, holding down the button starts the light at the lowest mode, and if I don’t release the switch, it starts ramping up. This would not work with the 4 second long press to switch into and out of ramp mode.

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I love the infinitely adjustable rotary switch idea plus FORWARD CLICKY tail switch.

Oh, and please keep UV. In my opinion, that is one of the main selling points of this light.

Name suggestions: WK21 or WK21R

Thanks for all your hard work and ingenuity,

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Not sure how far along the development on this is, but I found this thread after looking up the WK30. I like the new designs, any chance we could get a few different white emitter options? I’d love to have a 2700K light in one of these, seems like it would compliment the red well. Certainly keep the red and UV emitters, they are the main things that drew me to this light.

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At this point of time a major update (or should I say upgrade?) of WK30 is rather uncertain. Wurkkos said they had problems with the correct alignment of those three emitters in the reflector. Eventually, at least one LED is often off-center as they do not use any gaskets to keep the LED board aligned with the reflector holes. Now, I proposed to redesign the entire head unit, using centering gaskets and different reflector ratios, in particular white against red and UV. If we decided to sacrifice UV light for another monochromatic LED (green, amber, blue... you name it), we could use a plastic TIR optic instead.

Another major aspect is the dual side switch design that I personally favor most. It offers a broad amount of functionalities without causing too much complexity in operation. Fenix uses these switches for quite some time but their UI is rather crappy. Now, convincing a manufacturer to step up from one side switch to a dual side switch, including a whole new user interface that needs to be created/programmed/tested, is a big leap to take. I fear they are reluctant about it and worry that it will not sell well. Maybe I need to put more work in highlighting the benefits of having two side switches, I don't know. Maybe they think the gap in the market for such a special design is way too small to justify additional development work. They might be right about it. If Andúril was capable of utilizing two side switches the situation could be totally different.

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Thanks for the info! I have been holding off on getting a WK30 since I really like the looks of the upgraded one with dual switch. But I guess I might as well get the current version since it sounds like this might take a while, if at all. I will 100% buy the new version if it comes out though. Tempted to try swapping in a 2700K LED, but now I’m not so sure if even the factory has had trouble getting everything aligned.