[Recensione] - Fenix LR35R - 10000lm 2x21700 USB-C - by Lock

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[Recensione] - Fenix LR35R - 10000lm 2x21700 USB-C - by Lock

Hello everyone ...Today we will see the Fenix LR35Rlatest model from FENIX able to supply the Turbo with 10,000 real lumens and can be powered by two 21700 cells !!!
The torch was supplied by Fenix specifically for the review. To this link you can find all the information about the company while here you can consult the page dedicated to the LR35R.

Packaging and content
The Fenix LR35R arrives in the classic Fenix colored cardboard box with all the main features of the product imprinted on it. The package is full of accessories and complete with everything you need to be able to start using the flashlight right away. We have in fact:

• LR35R Rechargeable Flashlight
• 2x 21700 Rechargeable Batteries
• Lanyard
• Holster
• Spare O-rings
• USB Type-C Charging Cable
• LR35R User Manual
• Warranty card

For this review, Fenix sent me the flashlight, without a box and equipped only with the two 21700 4000mAh cells.

Main features and official technical specifications
• Emitter: 6x Luminus SST40 LEDs
• Color temperature: 5500K
• 10.000 Lumens Maximum Ouput
• USB Type-Charging Port
• Lockout Function
• Memory Circuit
• Outputs (Runtimes)
• Turbo - 10000 Lumens (1hr 25min)
• High - 3000 Lumens (1hr 35min)
• Med - 1200 Lumens (3hr 15min)
• Low - 450 Lumens (8hr 20min)
• Eco - 50 Lumens (80hr)
• Strobe - 10000 Lumens
• Reflector: SMO
• Lens: AR coated glass
• Switch: electronic side 
• Battery Level Indicator
• Overheat Protection
• IP68 Rated
• 1 Meter Impact resistance

• Length: 5.5 in. (140 mm)
• Head diameter: 2.03 in. (51.5 mm)
• Body thickness: 1.83 in. (46.5 mm)
• Weight: 8.4 oz./239 grams (excluding battery)

Output and runtime levels
The Fenix LR35R has 4 normal output levels + 1 special Strobo level and a single level for each auxiliary LED:

Turbo: 10000 lm declared(measured 11060 lm) – 1h25min
High: 3000 lm declared(measured 3200 lm) – 1h35min
Mid: 1200 lm declared(measured 1280 lm) – 3h15min
Low: 450 lm declared(measured 460 lm) – 8h20min
Eco: 50 lm declared(measured 50 lm) – 80h
Strobe: 10000 lm declared(measured 11060 lm) 

The measured data are to be considered peak (taken within 30 seconds from the ignition and with the battery fully charged) and all have proven to be consistent with what is declared by the manufacturer.

Following the runtime schemes extracted from the user manual. Fenix's measurements regarding output and runtime are always very accurate and always reflect reality. It is no coincidence that I often use fenix flashlights to calibrate my measuring instruments (e.g. the homemade lightbox).

Il corpo ed i materiali
The Fenix LR35R is a powerful torch capable of delivering 10,000 lumens to the Turbo. Particularly compact and not excessively heavy, it houses two 21700 4000mAh cells supplied.

The optical part is composed of
- 6x LED Luminus SST40 5500K,
- Mirror polished SMO multi-dish
- Lens with anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment
- Steel bezel

The parallelepiped-shaped body makes the torch particularly compact and comfortable to hold. The head is wide and houses in addition to a series of dissipation fins (not very thick) also the electronic switch for managing the interface and the USB-C charging port.

Used in Turbo, the light heats up a lot. The power released is also capable of lighting a fire. In this video I made you can see how you can, in a few seconds, burn green leaves or even light wood.


Inside the side switch there is a small colored status LED which returns information on the residual cell capacity and on the charging progress.

On the opposite side of the side switch, well protected by a thick rubber cap, there is a Type-C port for quick battery charging.

To access the battery compartment, simply unscrew the head. By screwing it back, the side switch will always be positioned longitudinally aligned with the narrow side of the light body. 

The fillets are very wide, particularly sliding but not anodized, therefore physical lockout is not allowed.
At the negative pole, side of the tail, we have two small rigid springs, while at the positive pole we have two cylindrical contacts.

The anodizing is perfect, smooth and slightly opaque. The lettering is well done. On the central body there is a series of millings that improve the grip.

The titanium-coated belt clip is very stiff and thick. The grip on clothing is exceptional.

In hand the LR35R is comfortable thanks to the particular flattened shape of the body. The switch is easy to detect even in total darkness or if, for example, you are wearing gloves.

The tail is not flat but it is still possible to position the torch in tailstanding. There are a series of holes for connecting laynard, paracord or small carabiners

Two 21700 4000mAh cells also arrive with this flashlight.

User interface
On / Off: Press and hold the switch for 0.5s to turn on the light. Repeat the operation to turn it off
Output selection: Eco-Low-Mid-High-Turbo levels will be cycled when the torch is switched on with a click
Strobe access: press and hold the switch for 1.2s to access the strobe
Lock / Unlock: with the flashlight off, double click to lock the user interface. Repeat the operation to open it. When the flashlight is locked, each time the switch is pressed the flashlight will flash twice to indicate that the interface is locked.
Battery Level Indication: When the flashlight is off, a single click on the switch allows you to check the battery status: the status LED will activate for 3 seconds as follows:
- steady green LED: charge between 100 and 85%
- flashing green LED: charge between 85 and 50%
- steady red LED: charge between 50 and 25%
- flashing red LED: charge between 25 and 1%

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The beam of the Fenix LR35R has an exit angle of 90°, so it is particularly flood. This makes the torch useful for example in search operations or when it is simply necessary to illuminate well over the medium distance (100-200mt) with a wide range of action. At Turbo the LR35R brings out over 10,000 real lumens with 63200cd and a theoretical shooting of about 500m. After a few seconds, the stepdown will inevitably bring the output to lower levels.

The tint is Cool, about 5500k, uniform over the whole beam. Excellent color rendering, even in natural environments.

Despite the multiparabola, there are no strange artifacts on the beam geometry.

Following some night shots on the medium distance.

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2 

Beamshot #3

Thanks for reading...

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Grazie per l'interessante recensione, Enrico. Thumbs Up Beer

It seems that only 21700 button top batteries will fit. Can you please try it with some standard 21700 flat tops like Samsung 40E?

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Thanks for the review ! (one of the reason I bought one Smile )

In fact I just received it today.

And when I put it to charge, the battery indicator is blinking red untill it moves to stable green when fully charged.

Whereas the documentation says that it should be “red”(meaning stable red I guess) when charging, and I also have a PD36R, and it is stable red when charging as said in the doc.

Does anybody know if this blinking red when charging is normal ? Or could it indicate an issue with the lamp or its charger ?
Same for you lock ?

Note : it is blinking red even when slightly discharged (with the indicator green before plugging it)

Otherwise this flashlight is great! Not pocketable size obviously, but not meant to be.