[Repost] A simple review for XTAR BC4 charger and UL1 USB light

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[Repost] A simple review for XTAR BC4 charger and UL1 USB light

Recently, XTAR released their new products – BC4 charger and UL1 USB light. I bought them. Now I’d like to share some opinions for these two items.

XTAR BC4 charger
Firstly, let’s see the package and appearance. In the package, there are:
1 x BC4 charger
1 x lanyard
1 x USB-C cable

It has a translucent cover which is dustproof and drop-proof. A ribbon inside allows you to easily remove the batteries. This charger only has simple LED indicators to show the charging status. But that also makes the charger in a very small size, easy to carry.

BC4 charger is completely different from other chargers of XTAR. It charge 1.5V Li-ion and 1.2V Ni-MH batteries. Of cause, the battery size only could be AA and AAA. The charging current is 0.5A. What I like is the charger will automatically cut-off when fully charged the batteries.

The XTAR 1.5V AA lithium ion batteries has a capacity of 3300mWh and a discharge current of 2000mA. They can replace the 1.5V disposable batteries. I didn’t have any AA flashlight, so I use them to replace my Ikea batteries for camera flash.

There are two additional functions – USB output and LED light. When you need emergency charging for your phones or iPads, just install four batteries into the BC4 charger, and use the charger as a power bank. You’d better use AA batteries I think, because the capacity of AAA batteries are too small. The LED lighting is much bright than the phone flash.


UL1 is a mini USB light. It is only 15g. There is no built-in battery, so you need to plug it on the power bank or wall plug. There is a metal hose can be bent arbitrarily, which can realize multi-angle light source control.

The switch key has single-click and double-click functions, the operation is simple:
Long press for more than 2S to turn off
Single-click to light up in turn the white light (60 lumens) / white light (120 lumens) / red light (35 lumens) / blue light (35 lumens) / green light (120 lumens) / red and blue flashing (351 lumens)
Double-click to switch to white light strobe mode (120 lumens).

It can be used as a night light. The white light flashing is used for self-defense, red and blue flashing for providing assistance signals.

All light:

White light flashing

Red and blue light flashing:

I just did a simple test. There are more specifications of BC4 charger and UL1 USB light at XTAR official website.

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great pictures and review, thanks or sharing.
Happy to see that xtar staff buy their own products! Big Smile

I have plenty of xtar chargers , they are all amazing.