Review + Video: Sofirn SP33 V3.0 (26650, XHP50.2 3V, bright allrounder)

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Review + Video: Sofirn SP33 V3.0 (26650, XHP50.2 3V, bright allrounder)

This is my review of the Sofirn SP33 V3.0. You can either watch it as a video review or read the written review with pictures.

Special thanks go to Sofirn for providing this review flashlight free of charge.

Purchase links (non-affiliate)

Aliexpress: Sofirn SP33 V3.0
Sofirnlight: Sofirn SP33 V3.0
Amazon DE: Sofirn SP33 V3.0
Amazon US: Sofirn SP33 V3.0
Amazon IT: Sofirn SP33 V3.0
Banggood: Sofirn SP33 V3.0


The Sofirn SP33 V3.0 is the improved successor of the Sofirn SP33 V2.0. It uses a 3V XHP50.2 for up to 3500 lumens while the SP33 V2.0 used the 6V XHP50 to output 2500 lumen. More about the differences between these two flashlight versions and more information about the SP33 V3.0 can be found in this thread:

Here is the video review of the Sofirn SP33 V3.0. If you prefer the written review, please continue reading below.

What is included

- Sofirn SP33 V3.0
- 26650 5500mAh Sofirn battery
- Manual
- 21700/18650 adapter sleeve
- USB C cable
- Lanyard
- Spare o-rings

Some more pictures of the new nice Sofirn box, I like it better than the old one in blue-black:


Emitter: 1x Cree XHP50.2 3V 6.000K – 6.500K with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

Reflector: Orange Peel reflector

Driver: FET circuit

Typical operating voltage: 3.0V – 4.2V

Voltage limit: 2.6V – 4.3V

Battery options: 1× 26650 or 1× 21700 or 1× 18650 Li-ion battery

Dimension: 126,6mm (length) × 37,5mm (head diameter)

Weight: 144,2 grams (without battery)

Premium type 6061 aluminium alloy, hard-anodized with anti-abrasive finish

Toughened mineral glass lens

Side switch for one-handed operation

Automatic Stepdown: Depending on the driver’s temperature, the SP33 V3 will automatically reduce its brightness to prevent overheating.

Low stand-by drain: < 50ɥA

These specifications have been copied from the digital version of the manual. The full manual has been made available by Lux-Perpetua here:


Tailcap current (ampere draw)

Moonlight: 0.03A
Low: 0.16A
Med: 0.66A
High: 3.60A
Turbo: 9.80A

The Turbo seems to be using some sort of current limit, maybe a sense resistor, because even with a Golisi S43 it never went higher then 9.5 – 10A. The XHP50.2 3V could draw 15 – 20A on Turbo. However, the SP33 V3.0 gets hot fast enough on Turbo also with 10A. You will not notice the brightness increase anyway but you do notice the longer Turbo runtime.


Square cut and anodized threads on both ends of the battery tube.

Apparently, there is no AR-coating on the front glass lens. No clue why not because Sofirn usually has an AR-coated glass lens in all their flashlights.

XHP50.2 in an orange peel reflector

Battery and charging

The included battery is a Sofirn 26650 5500mAh. The 26650 batteries of this size are usually rated for 20A continuous discharge. I did not recharge the battery so far because it came with 3.9V already which is close to full (4.2V). I suppose that the capacity rating is realistic like with other Sofirn batteries.

Line-up of Sofirn batteries: 14500, 18650, 21700, 26650

The battery is charged inside the flashlight with USB C. The internal charging circuit charges at 1.5A.

The rubber cover for the USB C port is thick and closes well.

This way, the Sofirn SP33 V3.0 can be charged directly from a power bank.


The Sofirn SP33 V3.0 with its siblings: Sofirn SP33 V3.0, Sofirn SD05, Sofirn SP31 V2.0, Sofirn C8F

Here is the Sofirn SP33 V3.0 compared to some famous flashlights: Sofirn SP33 V3.0, Convoy S2+, Fireflies E07, Convoy C8+

Comparison with similar sized 26650 flashlights: Sofirn SP33 V3.0, Emisar D4S, Haikelite SC26, Mateminco MT07 (Astrolux MF01 mini)

The Sofirn SP33 V3.0 together with some bigger 26650 flashlights: Sofirn SP33 V3.0, MantaRay C8.2, Nightwatch NI40, Astrolux FT03

Different XHP50.2 3V: 6500K, 5000K, 6500K sliced and diced (=without dome)









Sofirn SP31 V2.0

Sofirn SD05 with XHP50.2 6500K

Sofirn C8F with 3 XPL HD 5000K

Astrolux FT03 with XHP50.2 5000K

Nightwatch NI40 with dedomed XHP50.2


Some whitewall beamshots to compare the tint and visualise the typical Cree flip chip tint shift for the XHP50.2.

From left to right: Sofirn SP33 V3.0 with XHP50.2 6500K, Nightwatch NI40 with dedomed XHP50.2 ~5500K, Astrolux FT03 with XHP50.2 5000K

Sofirn SP33 V3.0 with XHP50.2 6500K, Sofirn SD05 with XHP50.2 6500K, Sofirn C8F with three XPL ~5200K

Teardown and internals

As written in the manual, you shouldn’t disassemble your flashlight as it voids the warranty and it may damage your flashlight. I’m showing the teardown and internal parts here so that you don’t have to unscrew the flashlight yourself risking to ruin it. Of course, this does not apply to all experts and modders who don’t need the warranty for a flashlight. Wink
The bezel was screwed on so tightly that I needed a vice to get it off. There is no glue but I am pretty sure you will not be able to turn the bezel with bare hands, also because of the sharp steel edges.


The Sofirn SP33 V3 offers a very bright Turbo with the 3V XHP50. The beam is well balanced, it reaches quite far but is more floody than throwy. The XHP50 is one of the brightest 3V leds but of course it has the typical tint shift and is a little green when compared to XPL’s. The CRI is low but I guess most people won’t notice that. The UI on the SP33 V3.0 works almost like a simplified Anduril, though the ramping is not quite as nice. Important for me in the UI is a short click for on and off, long click starts the flashlight on Moonlight and double click goes to Turbo. With temperature control, not too complicated UI and the battery being charged internally with USB C this could be a rather safe muggle flashlight. Just tell them to lock it out in pockets (four clicks from off or unscrew tailcap) or they are going to start a fire. The parts are not glued so the SP33 V3.0 is moddable as well.

What I like

- Pocketable 26650 format, can be held and used easily with one hand
- Modes and UI are user friendly, a touch of Anduril
- Turbo is very bright, the throw is not bad for a small OP reflector
- Bezel and retaining ring screwed tightly but no glue used
- Switch with firm click and battery indicator
- Fast 1.5A USB C charging, also usable with a power bank
- Good 26650 battery supplied, charged internally, good for non-flashaholics

What could be improved

- Add AR-coating on the lens
- 5000K neutral white version for choice or a less green 6500K XHP50

Thanks to everyone for reading my review and/or watching the video review. Smile For any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask and comment below.

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Good review! That light sure is tempting. Steel bezel, nice amount of lumens and runtime + all kinds of other cool stuff like charging etc.

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Great photos and nice writing.

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Thanks MoreLumens. Yes, I agree. The SP33 V3.0 is definitely done right. Only downside is the cold white emitter with tint shift. But I’m probably too picky since I own high cri flashlights. Innocent

Thanks liquidretro. Glad you liked it. Smile

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I have added the video review on Youtube for the SP33 V3.0 today. It is embedded in the review, here is the link:

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what a nice review. never had a Sofirn before, but looks good.

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Regarding tailcap current measurements (with a fully-charged 26650 battery):

I got these results when set to Turbo mode:

SP33 v3.0 ("3500" lumens) ~ 12 Amps <= NoPWM only on Turbo

SP33v2 ("3000" lumens, new model) ~ 9 Amps <= NoPWM only on Turbo

SP33v2 ("2500" lumens, earlier model) ~ 6 Amps <= NoPWM on all brightness levels