Sofirn SP33 V3 review

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Sofirn SP33 V3 review


I just wanted to do a short review on the Sofirn SP33 V3. This test has amperage draw and battery capacity tests, which I tend to often look for in other reviews and find most useful.

The flashlight came well packaged in a retail with 1× 26650 battery 5000mah and USB C charging cable. I tested the battery and it had the full 5000mah capacity. Also included in the package is a shorter body for a 18650 battery. The overall built quality of the flashlight is very good, it has 1 XHP50.2 LED producing a 5500k color. On full output the flashlight had a current draw of about 10a as measured on my meter. The switch has multiple modes from low, mid, medium and high. I was unable to check the lm or range since I do not have a light box required for this test.
There is a input charge port to charge the battery using a USB C cable. This isn’t something that’s very common yet.

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But the thermal “regulation”…