Problem with new NexTorch 2000 lumens flashlight

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Problem with new NexTorch 2000 lumens flashlight

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with my brand new NexTorch 2000 lumen flashlight which I received it today.

I placed my Xtar 26650 into it and screw back the tail-cap, but when I tried to switch it on, the flashlight doesn’t turn on. Here’s the twist, when I tried to unscrew back the tailcap to remove the battery, the flashlight lighted up, but the tail-cap was almost unscrewed and just touching the ends of the battery compartment.

What do you guys think is wrong? Is the 26650 too long? Or there’s something wrong with the flashlight?

I would love to hear from anyone using the new NexTorch 2000 lumens.

Many Thank!