Olight Odin Dedicated Long Gun Light Review (2000 Lumen, 21700, XHP 35.2 LED)

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Olight Odin Dedicated Long Gun Light Review (2000 Lumen, 21700, XHP 35.2 LED)

The Olight Odin is Olights first purpose built long gun flashlight. It’s using a Scout mount, has a pressure pad and is capable of 2000 lumens. There have been a fair bit of sponsored Odin reviews, I strive to be different here and tell you how I see it. Thanks to Skyben for sending it to me let’s take a look and get to the review.

Watch this review on YouTube:

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Packaging & Accessories
Olight once again does a very nice job here on packaging. It’s very appleske with a white magnetic fold out box and a full color photo on the front with specs on the back. On t he inside everything is packaged very nice inside little boxes, etc. Opening the front cover you have the quickstart guide along with the light and all the accessories. There are quite a few accessories with this light including the light itself and the 4 direction mount. You also get the 5000mAh 21700 proprietary battery, the MCC2A magnetic charger cable, and the new locking pressure switch. Lastly you get a few small zip ties to help mount the pressure switch, a small allan key, and a few extra screws and manual.

The Olight Odin is made from aluminium and hard anodized in a fairly glossy black. Starting at the tail cap, you have a very similar recharging point that was on the Olight Warrior X Pro, with the longer lugs to help you find the tail switch with gloves. It’s a two stage switch with a half press being momentary and full press locking on the light. Around the rear button is another ring and what looks like a space for an o’ring this is for the included pressure switch to lock on to the light which I will explain later. On the sides of the tail you have some tear drop areas milled in place for grip and style. Inside there is a large spring loaded brass contact.

Threads are anodized, square cut and robust. It does take several turns to get them off. This is one of the few Olights where the positive terminal of the battery faces the head. The body tube is smooth except for the Scout mount. That’s fine, remember this isn’t an EDC light or designed to be handheld, it’s designed to be mounted primarily.

The head you can tell was milled as one piece but it’s glued on to the tail and is non removable. It has a little larger ring which I assume is to help with thermal for the electronics. Styling wise you have two milled away tear drops, about the size of an endmill. At the front there is a black bezel with small almost saw tooth shaped crenulations. The edges are reasonably sharp. The lens is glass (Good for cleaning powder residue off) and underneath that is a TIR optic.

*Mounting *
This light uses the “Scout” mounting system that Surefire pioneered with the scout series of lights. It provides a 2 post mount thats about 7.75mm off the body of the light. It’s an extra piece that’s screwed to the light with 2 small hex head cap screws with locking compound on them. When I backed the screws out with a 1.5mm Hex key.

Olight included their locking mount that is designed to fit onto a standard picatinny rail. It can mount on the left or the right, and face forward or backward. It utilizes two hex head bolts and comes with the appropriately sized hex allan key. I would recommend once you get it to where you like it, to put some blue locktite on these screws, to make sure nothing backs off during use. This mount has 2 positions on where you can mount the light either on what I will call the bottom or the side. In addition to this light can mount either direction.This mount also locks once the light is in place to help secure it. Lastly the light does have threaded screw holes in it so you can use other 3rd party mounts like my favorite offset mount by Arisaka Defense. You may have to get a little creative with these in the order you mount them to tighten down all the screws depending on what your mounting it on. The big thing here is you have a lot of options.

The pressure switch is an evolution of what we saw on the M2R and Warrior series of lights. It’s designed to go on a picatinny rail as well and is rubber so it can slide on top and to secure you can use the included zip ties. The big difference here is that the end that attaches to the light has a locking mechanism. Simply push the ring forward to engage 4 small detent balls to grip onto the light, pull this ring back to unlock. It’s pretty secure for normal use and won’t break free under normal conditions. I did see a few posts in the Olight Facebook group where people had the lock come loose during extreme combat type situations so your luck might very. I would recommend disconnecting the pressure switch during transport in a bag to prevent the light from coming on accidentally. Cable length on the pressure switch is 165mm.

Size and Weight
I measured the overall length at 136.6mm, maximum diameter on the light (not including the mount) is 29mm, minimum diameter is 24.16mm. Weight with the battery was 174.1g, adding the pressure switch it’s 222.3g.

LED & Beam
Olight has recently gotten into the nasty habit of not defining the LED they are using on some lights, and the Odin is one of them. With the TIR optic in place you can’t see the LED either. What I can tell you is it’s a fairly neutral white tint at the Turbo setting and in lower modes it’s a bit warm.. The beam is almost all throw with the focus in the center. There is just a very slight spill and there are a few artifacts here, which I think are the edges of the bezel showing. This is perfect for it’s intended use as a weapon mounted light where you want a tight focus.

Heat & Runtime
The Odin produces upto 2000 lumens on turbo and this lasts 2 minutes before it steps down to 52% relative output. I saw maximum heat at 60C at 2:40 of runtime. Normally I would say this is too hot to hold but since this light is designed to be placed near the muzzle end of a hot firearm it’s not really an issue. We saw one more step down at the 12 minute markand the light ran at a fading 42% output for 2 hours. At the end it had one more step down before stopping right at 3 hours of runtime. I would have wished to see Turbo last longer here but suspect the time is thermally regulated as we can see the temps heat up some after cooling off initially. Overall runtime is the best out of a 1” weapon light that I have tested.

The UI here is pretty simple. On the light itself, the rear button has a half press which gives you the lower lumen mode, and a full press gives you the full 2000 lumens. If you press and hold in either mode the light is in momentary. If you do a quick press in either mode the light stays on. When the pressure switch is connected you only have the full 2000 lumens but the same press and hold gives you momentary and quick press gives you constant light. There is no strobe mode on this light.

Recharging & Power
The Odin uses Olights Proprietary 21700 5000mAh battery which is required for this light. It’s one of the only recent Olights I can remember where the positive terminal goes in facing the head. Proprietary batteries are one of the things I dislike the most. This probably won’t be something you swap out a lot but if you want extra power be sure to buy one and keep properly stored in your kit. Olights MCC3 charging system here is a winner because it’s super easy to recharge and leave the light mounted on your weapon. It’s red when charging and green when charged, and this version charges up to 2A. Total charging time here was 2 hours and 7 minutes which seems pretty quick.


  • Use of the Scout mount meaning you have tons of mounting options to fit your application.
  • Complete Kit with a decent mount.


  • Only is compatible with 21700 batteries, CR123A’s are not an option if your out in the field and need more light after several hours.
  • Some possible durability issues with the locking pressure mount system.
  • LED used is unspecified but is Neutral White.

For me this is going to be the light I plan on leaving on my 16” build. The way I have it configured now it’s easy enough to remove if I want to, but I feel pretty confident in it’s ability to perform to leave it. I may end up picking up an offset Arisaka mount to get it a little closer to the hand guard.

Overall I think this is a good light for most citizens and hunters. Before I would trust my life to it in a police or military role I would want to do more durability testing. With the current pandemic and ammo shortage of 2020, I didn’t put that many rounds through my AR during range testing but what I did shoot the light held up without issues.

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Good read.

Glass lens over plastic TIR is what M2RP and Serker2P needs the most.

WTB Titanium 4sevens 2xAA tube

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I see it uses proprietary 21700’s. I’ve seen conflicting information on this tho. Will it run at all with a standard hi drain 21700 or will it only not magnetically charge with standard 21700? Thanks for the help!

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Thanks for that review. How did you determine it’s an XHP35.2 in the title? That looks dome-sliced from the factory if it is, or did they finally release the HI version of the XHP35.2? Thanks

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I reviewed this over at 1lumen.com and I’m curious too. I studied that LED for a while and couldn’t come up with a match anywhere. It doesn’t really look like Cree’s imagery of the XHP35.2 HI, but who knows…

Either way, I agree. This seems like a really solid gun mount light.

Cree image of the XHP35.2 formats:

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BeGoneBaizuo wrote:
I see it uses proprietary 21700’s. I’ve seen conflicting information on this tho. Will it run at all with a standard hi drain 21700 or will it only not magnetically charge with standard 21700? Thanks for the help!

It will only run on Olight cells that have both + and – contacts at the same end of the cell (normally the + only side).

gchart wrote:
I reviewed this over at 1lumen.com and I’m curious too. I studied that LED for a while and couldn’t come up with a match anywhere. It doesn’t really look like Cree’s imagery of the XHP35.2 HI, but who knows…

Either way, I agree. This seems like a really solid gun mount light.

Cree image of the XHP35.2 formats:


I’ve heard from several people that it’s a chemically dedomed XHP35.2 HD. The emitter on the M2R Pro and Warrior X Pro appeared to be a dedomed XHP35 HD so it would be consistent with that.

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Thanks for the great review. Overall good for home defense and other uses. I’m still debating on the step downs from turbo if running in a extended use scenario. Proprietary battery though will suck as you can’t really charge with an external charger? – will need to check my smaller sized Odin mini.

I’m not sure if LEO/Military would like the step down from turbo as other lights can run sustained brighter output than the stepped down Olight. I wonder if it resumes to 2000 lumen on subsequent presses or stays at the 52/42% output. The pressure switch is momentary only. At least I couldn’t get the switch to keep light on without pressing it (Odin mini – little brother to this light) For extended use, I’d like a more consistent output from a buck/boost style driver. Not sure a 2000lumen for 2 minutes is all that useful. Maybe as a momentary on?

The rear tail switch is pretty easy to bump off – but not in regular use. You’d have to be bumping into something or in the case of a Youtube guy run it on a full auto rifle to get it to shake loose. Big Smile I’ve had no problem with my mini.