[Review] Fenix E20 v2.0 (SST20, 5500K, 250 lumens, 2xAA)

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[Review] Fenix E20 v2.0 (SST20, 5500K, 250 lumens, 2xAA)

Even though 18650 models dominate EDC flashlight segment, there is a time-tested category of flashlights that have been made for a long time and seem to be going on. I mean 2xAAA and 2xAAA models.

Yeah, this is a technologically stagnant swamp, where it is extremely difficult to come up with something new. And now, only five years after the first version of 2015, Fenix ​​E20 v.2.0 was released. New optics, almost twice less weight and one third brighter.

official page | manual | Fenix ​​E20 2015

you can buy Fenix E20 v2.0 at:
official German or US

i also can recomment best battery store ever – NKON.NL
i buy batteries there for years


Nothing new – the same black and yellow blister. In general, it looks pretty decent, without any hint of cheapness.

In addition to the flashlight itself, the kit includes 2xAA batteries, an O-ring and a bunch of papers.

The dimensions of this category of lamps are quite ambiguous. On the one hand, the Fenix ​​E20 v2.0 is slim, only 21mm. On the other hand, it is longer than the same S2 +, 127mm. However, in terms of length, the flashlight, in my opinion, still falls into the EDC category.

The only thing that somehow stands out in the rather simple appearance of the flashlight is the “brass” bezel and the round TIR-lens underneath it. Otherwise, the flashlight looks, though not frankly budgetary, but quite simple

The flashlight is controlled by a tail button with a deep, tangible click. Start always at minimum brightness, switching modes by (half-) clickstg. An extremely simple and logical UI , typical for this type of flashlights.

There are spring at tail cap and a contact pad at head side.

The threads are well lubricated.

And, in general, in terms of knurling, everything is neat and good. True, as I said, there are no design miracles here, the knurling is the simplest in the form of many circles.

Flashlights of this standard size are extremely often used as inspection lamps, they are attached to a breast pocket or a tablet (not electronic, but classic). So, of course, there is a deep, convenient removable clip. So, of course, there is a deep, convenient removable clip. Although, there are really few full scale brand models that dont have it.

grip is firm and convenient, thanks to its small diameter and decent length

The head is small, there is SST20 LED hidden beneath gorgeous looking TIR-lense. Fenix uses this lens quite often and this is justified – it provides both convenient light distribution and extremely ennobles even such a simple-looking flashlight like E20 v.2.

In general, a fairly simple and laconic design without frills.


I can’t help but pay tribute to the Fenix ​​- for all my complaints about them, they do not strive to install CW LED in each model purely in order to show the maximum brightness in the specification. Their 5500K color temperature is definitely comfortable for me. Well, if it was 5000K, it would be great at all. But this is exclusively a matter of taste. Someone would ask for 4000k, some for 6000K.

Even MID mode is enough to light up 5-7 meters with good detail in the open air. And the high with its 250 lumens gives enough light to shine through the surrounding bushes.

Important! Rutime is different from specs due to the fact that the batteries that i used in review are not new and their capacity decreased.

And here I would like to draw your attention to something that surprised me (in a positive sense)!

Light is fully stabilized! And it’s okay in Mid, you may expect it.But even in HIGH as well! In the latter case, this will require cooling, which is surprising in itself. I don’t remember any 2xAA model with thermal regulation. So in the presence of some kind of breeze or use in cold weather, you can expect an hour and a half or two (depending on the battery capacity) of a light that is quite practical in terms of brightness.

Well, Fenix, well done. I never expected from them.

Personally, my experience of use EDC flashlights proved that i rarely needed to climb above around 200-250 lumens. Everything below this treshold is enough to both illuminate the path in front of you, and for any sort of garage searches and indoor work.






In all regarding to its functional , the flashlight is definetely good. It has though not superb, but still pleasant brand appearance, it is itself convenient in size and grip. There are no complaints about light either – both light distribution and color temperature are comfortable.
And, damn, there is stabilization and thermal regulation! In AA size! Dont remember any similar product!

Recently, i got 3 flashlights for review from Fenix and each of them (LR35R, E30R and this one) suprpised me in good way. Keep on, Fenix.

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Thanks for the review Wink
This seems a nice backpack flashlight!
I wish the Lumintop Tool25 had the same settings (always start on low, no blinkies ) :TIRED:.