5$ camping light that is the mustbuy. (1000mah, 1A charge current, high-low-strobe, poor UI)

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5$ camping light that is the mustbuy. (1000mah, 1A charge current, high-low-strobe, poor UI)

I bet you like camping lights. May be not as much as i do, but are not against buying new one.
That`s what i`ll tell you about.

Extremely cheap camping light that has astonishing price\functionality ratio.
Damn, even if you dont need it, price is too low just to buy it to play around.

In fact, this is a functionally cut $5 clone 35$ Nitecore LR10. What can you buy for 5 bucks of something that can produce light? The only really decent thing that comes to mind is the Xiaomi USB Light II, with warm light and 5 brightness levels. A gorgeous piece that, in my opinion, should has any power bank user.

I have 2 of these and they are worth every penny spent on them: a night light in the minimum mode and a very bright camping light in the maximum mode.

Connect it to a power bank directly or through an extension cord, hang it higher and that’s it. Tying a power bank to a branch is a simple matter. And it will be possible to adjust the light both in brightness (there are many modes) and in direction (it bends)

But this is a peculiar and inconvenient form factor for many + no waterproof. And here goes my review and its humble hero come , goes to the rescue in search of inexpensive camping light.

Having review perhaps that hundreds of two different flashlights, i have the warmest feeling of affection and unwillingness to part with only about camping lamps. I had virtually all the bran models. Yes, managed to face with some noname crap as well. So, i suggest, you can believe me in this review.

✅You can buy mingray LED rechargeable camping lantern Mingray from Aliexpress HERE. The price tag is ridiculous, only $ 5. ✅

i also can recomment best battery store ever – NKON.NL i buy batteries there for years

The manufacturer, although making lots of cheap noname\OEM stuff, doesn seem to be some kind of openly semi-basement artel, where at one table they collect a 8*SIM cards Nokla, and on the other they guess on the cubits about release day of new season of Beavis and Butt-head .

Among other junk, which fills this store, it is worth noting the FENIX CL30R CLONE, the original of which is a top-end camping lamp from Fenix and costs under a hundred dollars. The clone, as expected, is lousy, with 2 batteries instead of 3x and, most likely, the coldest light possible. But the price tag, in fairness, is a quarter of the original. You can see how the latter shines in my review of the actually bright, marvellous Sofirn BLF LT1 camping lamp (pictured above). If the toad doesn’t strangle it, this is the best thing you can buy from a bright portable light.

Now it’s time to start the review.

Package and appearance

There is no packaging at all. Just an cheap white box that contains camping lamp itself, a promo-cap from the manufacturer and a thin micro-usb charging cable.

Externally, this Mingray lamp is a complete copy of the NITECORE LR10, which is 8 times more expensive. Unfortunately, with the abundance of all the other Nitecore lamps (I have three of them ), this is exactly that i dont have. Such a pity, it would be interesting to compare head-on.

Compact orange body with translucent flask. There is also a version with a black body. The dimensions are really small. Due to the flattened body, it can be easy fit even into a jeans pocket. There are no scales, but it certainly weighs no more than the same 18650

Usually the diffuser flask is thick to withstand falls. In the clone, however, the flask, albeit symbolically, but misses, which is perhaps better – there is less chance of cracking.

Through it, a board with LEDs is somehow visible (most likely, the cheapest SMDs)

]The body is usual cheap one, close to cheapest no-name! But it does not play, does not creak or stink. For five bucks – great. There is no gap between body and diffusor. All attempts to break it off by hand (without the utterly outrageous fanaticism) were unsuccessful.

On the reverse side there is the traditional suspension .

There is also a traditional magnet, quite strong.

There is also a micro-USB charge port. The lid is not very thick, but sits tightly in the connector and is flush with the body, it should not open on its own.

There is an indication of the charging process – the usual red-green backlight.

The charging current is excellent, I could not expect 1A from a literally penny device! The second positive point – the capacity is honest – according to the tester, 1000mah with a penny got in! It can be fully charged in a little over an hour.


Usual moronic UI of the cheapest basement lanterns. They can be easily identified by the inclusion of a strobe in the main mode set.

So: on click. start in High (good bye night vision), then by clicking – LOW, then there is damned strobe.

On hold from off -SOS

In general, if you just need to turn it on and not change the brightness, it will do.
But when you turn it on in the middle of the night, you will definitely go blind, if only due to the absence of some completely minimal mode.

What did you want for 5 bucks …

How Mingray lamp shines

It is clear that there is no complete stabilization here. But, in high mode, the flashlight shines for three hours with a very good brightness.

Best is to have 2 of these camping lights. When one discharges, you can throw it to charge from the power bank and use another fully chared one. When it is charged – hang up and get full brightness again. and put 2nd one to chaer. Let me remind you that charging will take only an hour with a little time.

During the evening, you can only change the lamp 3-4 times in this way and the light will be constantly at excellent brightness. You can do it a couple of times. Let me remind you a fact that is not obvious to many – the eye adapts and 80% of the brightness from the graph will subjectively be at the same level as the initial 100%.

At the minimum brightness, it worked for 15 hours with a symbolic slide in brightness. Last one, of course will seem constant to the eye untill serious drop. A very practical mode due to this mode – it is definitely enough to highlight a table or a tent .

A splash on the graph – for a short time someone turned on the light nearby. then the batteries in the lux meter sat down. I’ll make a full schedule later, reload.

Cool white light, of course naturally. And quite bright, by the way. I cannot estimate, but there is one and a half or two hundred in maximum brightness IMO.

It will not work as a night light, too bright. But to light the table, hang it in yard toilet (in my case, it will go there) or outdoor shower – more than. See for yourself.


This Mingray, rechargeable LED camping lantern from aliexpress is well worth every penny spent.

In fact, there are only two downsides.

First: disgusting moronic UI with reverse order of modes and strobe. If you just need to turn it on and hang it where you need it (which, in fairness, happens in 99% of cases) – it will do and you can put up with it.

The second thing I really miss is in fact the minimum brightness that would give the functionality of a night light.
There is no it because the brightness is regulated by PWM, and then such a firefly would go into blinking clearly visible to the eye. It’s easier, if you wish, to put the lamp in some kind of jar, which will devour most of the light flux.

Personally, I plan to order 2-3 more pieces. It will fit both as a gift and as a really useful thing in summer cottage life.

And so, on a fishing trip, on a hunt, at camoing. Magnet it inside the car while do repair works – it will come in handy in many places due to its negligible price and size.

All the alternatives I see below that $ 15 are monstrous. This camping lamp, though has its own flaws , has an off-scale (in a good way) price / practicality ratio.

For 5 bucks, it seems to be just a gift rom heaven. In short, I highly recommend buying.

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