[SOLD] Zebralight SC700d + extras

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[SOLD] Zebralight SC700d + extras

$100 shipped (USA only)

I added some diffusion(DC-Fix) that completely smooths out the green corona. This can easily be removed if you prefer, or I can just not include it if you don’t want it. I can/will also include a sheet of Lee Minus Green 804 you can cut to use with it as well. Because of the way the bezel is, you can cut it to press-fit over the lens, or just stick it on with double-stick tape. It’s almost new, just had it a few weeks, but it has a few nicks (nothing major) in the anodizing so I don’t feel like it’s fair to Zebralight to just send it back to them.

I also have 3 Samsung 50E batteries if you want that I can include, but that makes it heavier to ship so it would be another $15. I can include 1 in the tube of the light for $5 if you want, or if you don’t want batteries at all that’s fine too.


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Just wanted to pop in…i have this light and love it

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Ditto! I’m a big ZebraLight fan and finally got one of these recently.

It has become my favorite night hiking flashlight. Great beam for lighting up the trail, and lots of output modes to choose from.

BTW, I use the Samsung 50E in mine and the 5000mAh capacity is great.

Good luck with your sale! Thumbs Up

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PM’d !