[SOLD] e21a 4500k Brass D4v2 + 18350 tube + extras

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[SOLD] e21a 4500k Brass D4v2 + 18350 tube + extras


Brass, 4500k E21a, warm white switch backlight, pocket clip, magnetic tailcap, and 18350 tube, plus 2 Keeppower 1200 mAh 18350s. I shortened to pocket clip so it can be used when in 18350 mode as well without sticking out past the bezel.

I’ve been carrying it so it’s getting a patina, and a few little nicks/scratches. I can polish it before I send it if you prefer, or just send it as is.

$75 Shipped (in the USA)

Send me a PM please!

(this is a repost, I was going to sell it… changed my mind… but now I have decided I have enough lights to where I will be selling something before buying from now on)

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That’s a beauty!!

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I’ll take it!
PM sent