[Review] Magicshine MOH15 - My favourite small headlamp

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[Review] Magicshine MOH15 - My favourite small headlamp
Magicshine MOH15 - My favourite small headlamp

3 in 1 review. At the end there will be a summary for those who like only particulars, in each topic I will bold the key sentences for those who read a little more, and a long waffling for everyone else. Enjoy!


For VERY large photos: click -> on the photo page right click -> "Open image in new tab"



Table of Contents:

-General parameters
- Package content
- Appearance, parameters
- UI, runtime and charging
- Waterproofness
- Light pattern, tint
- Beamshots
- Usage and my experiences
- Summary 

General parameters

Main (white): CREE XP-G3
Additional (redCREE XP-E

Max throw: 70m

Light tint: Neutral white (CRI>90)

White light modes and lighting time
Low: 4lm 40h
Mid: 40lm 5h (brightness measured by me = 43lm)
High: 200lm 2h 30min (brightness measured by me= 200lm)
Turbo: 400lm 1h 30min (brightness measured by me = 450lm)

Red light modes and lighiting time
Low: 5lm 20h (brightness measured by me = 3lm)
High: 105lm 50min (brightness measured by me = 84lm)
Flash: 5lm
SOS: 5lm

Compatible batteries:
(the batteries below are only compatible with the adapter, which is not included)
AA Niamh (extension tube)
AA Alkaline (extension tube)

Waterproofness: IPX8

Weight of headlamp with battery (i.e. without belt): 61g

Package content

- flashlight
- battery 16340
- headband
- spare o-ring
- micro USB cable
- operating manual and warranty card



Appearance, parameters



I really like the design. Although it's a matter of taste, so everyone will probably think about its appearance something different. Ok, let's not talk about it.

Let's talk about the most important functions, construction etc.
The headlamp is divided into 3 elements:

-Rotatable head, it moves with clear resistance (which is good of course), 2 diodes and TIR lens on the front, large heatsink on the back and 2 screws holding the reflector. So it seems as if a conceivable repair is possible.

It can be rotated almost 90° down and about 30° up. Excellent.

On the driver side there is a metal disc instead of a spring. This improves electricity conduct or something like that...

- The middle element is metal (?) surrounded by plastic (I know, weak), a switch on the top, a micro USB charging port at the bottom. The plug is tight, tightly fitted and generally it is ok. The switch is illuminated, informing us about the battery charging level. The switch symbol is designed to resemble an "M" like Magicshine. Ah Magicshine, you clever men ;)

- The last element is a metal battery tube, which unfortunately does not fit 18350 (pity), but has an ugly chipped edge, trapezoidal cut threads and a good amount of greasing. Everything is ok. No magnet in the cap, which would be unnecessary anyway.

- The headband is one of the best headbands I've ever had in my hands - great design, the material is decent, rubberized on the inside and has reflective elements on the outside. So you can run with it on...dark side of the road? Who runs on the dark side of the road? With the light off. Okay, I know, I know, the reflectors are needed. And they look nice.

UI, runtime and charging


Hold for on and off, click on change modes. From the off position, double-click to lock the flashlight. From the on position, double-click to change the light from white to red. I don't know about you, but I like this control very much. It is simple, intuitive and simple.

I didn't measure the runtimes, I will probably add them later. What I measured was temperature and brightness at maximum level. With interesting results and thoughts.

2 min - 49°C
5 min - 60°C
10 min - 69°C
Brightness in 10 minutes - 194lm

As you can see, it's not an example of good heat abstraction. I would even say it is an example of bad heat abstraction. And it's plastic. The flashlight got so hot after 5 minutes that it was impossible to hold the head, but the middle and back were slightly warm. After 10 minutes it felt as if the plastic has melted- something surely got warmed up there. Plastic conducts heat poorly, so I lament at using it. Moreover, the heat also passes poorly to the battery barrel. So despite the large heat sink on the head, the flashlight didn't do well, because it couldn't transfer the heat to the rest of the casing, but the head was warming up ruthlessly.

Via micro USB port. Information about charging with red switch backlight, about full battery with green.


Fortunately, I did not observe any.


Declared IPX8 and waterproof to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Luckily my aquarium is not that deep, so I did a 1 hour test at 25cm depth.
Test passed, no moisture inside or under the USB port cap.

 Light pattern, tint

Max brightness 450lm. Neutral tint, about 4500K, pure white but with greenish edges. It's a pity, because the light in the center is very nice, white with no coloring. during testing it in the forest these greenish edges were not visible, and the tint was very pleasant. Comparing to FW3A SST20 4000K the color is slightly colder, more of a white than yellow.

And the red one is... red

Two brightness level, a great thing - 3lm to check something, e.g. a backpack in the dark, and 84lm to walk.


ISO200, t2s, f/3.5 sunlight white balance.

Preview of the appearance of the forest:

The actual photos:




I do not know how to comment on this. It shines as it should and everything is fine - if you think it is dark, etc., then...yes, it is dark, because it has to be.But it's enough.
I'll even say that the second 43lm mode is enough for me to walk, at 200lm it's too bright and at 450lm it only shines for a while so I treat it as a turbo and I don't use it for continuous shining. Generally I am very satisfied.

Usage and my experiences

I took it out of the package. The flashlight was permanently attached to the plastic mount. "Weak," I thought. "Another expensive flashlight that turns out to be weak." But when I first lit it, I knew it would be my favorite little headlamp. And not because it is my only small headlamp. This light is just beautiful. The tint is neutral, white, not too cold or too warm. Okay, it has greenish edges, but you can't see it when it lights up under your feet in the field. Modes? Very good positioning. Red light? Two continuous super modes, flashing great, but this SOS is completely unnecessary, so they pressed it there without any sense. There could be a 0.5Hz beacon and it would be perfect. I can't get over this SOS, what kind of crap they put there... But apart from that, it's great.
The heat abstraction is poor, but I always say that the Turbo mode is only for a momentary glow. But ok, the flashlight could decrease the brightness earlier than with almost 70°C on the casing.
And weight. 61g with battery, 83g the whole set is not so much. I know that Skilhunt H03 + headband, without battery has 91g, but it's still 18650 and it's getting...anyway these arguments don't make sense, simply 83g convinced me to take it to the mountains. Last time we were with my girlfriend I didn't have any flashlight and we had to let go part of the planned route because it was getting dark. And if I had such a headlamp, then... we wouldn't have gone further anyway because we were already very tired. But at least I would have worn the 83g more.


Magicshine MOH15 is a light (83g with battery and band) and a small headlamp with neutral tint of light (max 449lm, color temperature per eye 4500K) and additional red LED (max 84lm). I especially like the good mode layout, micro USB charging and IPX8 waterproofness, and the included headband which is decent. I don't like the knockout SOS mode and more importantly, poor heat abstraction and strong heating of the head in Turbo mode.
Do I recommend it? Yes, in my opinion it is a good small headlamp and that is what I will always take it with me to the mountains.

+ IPX8
+ Very good arrangement of white and red light modes
+ Simple intuitive operation
+ Good quality headband
+ Charging micro USB (although it could be on type C)

- Heats up strongly (up to 70°C) and conducts heat from the head to the rest of the flashlight poorly
- no adapter for 14500, AA
- greenish tint of light on the edges

About host - threads, knurling o-rings and so on
Rating: 7/10 - would be 9/10 but a big minus for heat conduction

About light - UI, tint and so on
Rating: 8,5/10

1 - very bad flashlight hurts to look at, terrible quality, not worth any (even very low) price
5 - average flashlight, at a reasonable price - for the average person "great". Or better flashlight, but overpriced
10 - flashlight meets all my expectations in a given category (e.g EDC, headlamp, thrower), it's durable and neatly made, perfect light tint, worth its (even slightly inflated) price - just pure perfect, so I doubt any light can get a 10 from me

I hope you enjoyed!

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