Modding AAA Headlamps

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Modding AAA Headlamps

I think there haven’t been any modding threads for AAA headlamps since 2013

Too bad the Images are gone now.

I am a sucker for Headlamps with colored LEDs. And was thinking to mod a cheap AAA headlamp, maybe a Coast FL75. They are lightweigh and have low to high modes, and extra button for colored LED. I heard they even sell dual color Red maybe Green?

Battery life sucks, I think the modder in the 2013 thread above, used a 10440 battery and 2x dummy batteries if I got it right

I was thinking of something more stupid and connecting a 18650 Battery Case and see if it lasts longer.

Anyone has been tinkering with these headlamps?

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@sochi111, did you end up modding that headlamp? I have that exact same model lamp, and had that exact same idea to use 18650s.