GT Mini - Colored LED mod(help needed)

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GT Mini - Colored LED mod(help needed)

So, I have a GT Mini NW that i hardly use for various reasons, but i love the host. recently i’ve been reading about colored LED’s (Green, Red, Blue) for “night vision” and observing animals around my property without blasting them with a 4500lumen thrower. I think I want to do a green osram (only because i see Hank does it on the KR1, and i’d just buy that if i didn’t already have a solid host) or a green cree xpe-e2.

Green is my first choice, then red, then blue.

I messaged Richard @ MTN, and he told me i would need a 2amp constant current driver for a colored xpe-e2 on mcpcb ( i think thats it) that i found on his site.

Can anyone hep with what size driver the GT mini has? or has anyone done anything like this and can guide me a little? what works, what doesn’t? whats worth it? I just figured the GT mini would make a nice colored LED host, especially since I don’t use it at all currently and its a mighty little thrower.

Thank you.

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