Wowtac A5 strange small step down right after turbo

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Wowtac A5 strange small step down right after turbo

Hello. I recently bought a Wowtac A5. XHP 70 NW, 26650 battery. I noticed that when I activate turbo mode it makes a very small but somewhat noticeable step down in brightness. I don’t have equiptment to measure it, but it’s definitely not turbo to high. Turbo is 3650 lumens according to specs, but when activated, after 1 second, it seems to drop by about 10% or so. I’m hoping some people more experienced could maybe point me what this could indicate. Bad battery, lower bin led, maybe faulty driver? I could only speculate. But I’m kind of a noob. I fully charged the battery after noticing it btw and it still did that. And it wasn’t drained much to begin with.

Edit. Perhaps it’s the battery protection kicking in because of over discharge?

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