Review of the SupFire A3 & SupFire F3-L2

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Review of the SupFire A3 & SupFire F3-L2

Earlier today I received a new SupFire A3 & SupFire F3-L2. I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.
The A3 isn’t zoom-able. The F3-L2 is zoom-able. The A3 comes with a rechargeable 18650. The F3-L2 doesn’t come with a battery but mine is now running with a 18650 and it comes with a battery tray to run it via 3 AAA’s batteries.
The SupFire A3 is great for “around the house” as an all purpose light. It’s built well. It comes with a pocket clip. This light has 1000 lumens. The power button lights up with in use and lets you know about the current battery status. The A3 has three power settings. It’s waterproof. It can charge USB and it comes with the cable. Throw is 160 meters. Battery life is 3-8 hours. Construction is aluminum alloy with excellent knurling.
The SupFire F3-L2 has 600 lumens and 380 meters of throw. This small light is waterproof as well. This light does came with a lanyard. The zooming movement is easy one handed and that’s nice. It has a rear power button. The lighting options are low, med, high, strobe and SOS. Run time is 3-5 hours. Construction is aluminum alloy with excellent knurling. I have some images posted online via the Amazon listings (reviews).

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