WTS: Solarforce L2 lego parts + others (australia only)

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WTS: Solarforce L2 lego parts + others (australia only)

Hi guys

I have multiple pieces of solarforce l2 lights that i'm looking to sell

theyre all pretty much new, played with but never really used and have been in a drawer for years.

what I have is:

18650 l2 body black $8

17670 l2 body black $8

rcr123 l2m body black $8

l2 strike bezel head black $6

l2 SS strike bezel $6

l2 SS flat bezel $6

l2 black reverse clicky $6

1xrcr123 l2 extender black $6

1x18650 l2 extender black $6

2x14500 protected each $2

1x17670 protected $2

1x18650 protected $2

1xP4 dropin $4

1xmultimode R2 dropin $6

postage would be cost price more than likely between $5 and $10 according to the weight