What's a budget alternative to a LED Lenser ML4?

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What's a budget alternative to a LED Lenser ML4?

Recently I discovered a cute little 14500/AA mini keychain lantern. Very cool and perfect for a portable tent light.
But looking at the price it’s MYR200 ($50) which is super premium price. Not surprising since LED Lenser is quite the same premium range with Streamlight, Pelican or Surefire.

I wanna ask for a budget single AA *lantern looking light that isn’t breaking the bank for half the price.
Well I could’ve gone with Nitecore LA10 which does everything a lantern will do but that lil guy is quite a boring flashlight with diffuser tip look.

What are the options I can find? It could be as simple as single mode on/off or poor waterproof but as long as it’s bright like 150lm it’s fine for me.

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