Looking for AMUTORCH E3 review

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Looking for AMUTORCH E3 review

I found some specs but am looking for a solid review.
Especially runtimes.
I’m aware they are listed on the manufacturer’s website, but ANSI runtimes are just fake runtimes in my book.
Looking for sustained runtimes of high, med, low.

Obviously other things like build quality, accidently turning on when in my pocket, etc are also great to know.

The two tables at the bottom have some numbers switched?
3h30 at 750lm
4h10 at 850lm

(wish turbo could be reprogrammed for 1000lm)

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There’s a good bit of discussion in the e3s thread. Starting around page 10. http://budgetlightforum.com/node/73194?page=10