[Review] Magicshine MOH35 (Spot + Flood + Red, 2100, Type-C)

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[Review] Magicshine MOH35 (Spot + Flood + Red, 2100, Type-C)

Since 2019, Magicshine, well-known manufacturer of bicycle lights, has decided expand into a more traditional market: headlamps and hand flashlights. This expansion started with some quite strange models. It is obvious that the rich experience in the development of bicycle light did not help in any way in a totally different market.

And so the manufacturer invited me to review one of their headlamps, MOH35. If I rejected hand-held flashlights because of their facelessness and indistinctness, then this model seemed amusing enough to me to spend time on reviewing it.

Actually, I offer you the result of all these efforts: mine to create a review, and Magicshine`s to create new headlamp .

You can buy Magicshine MOH35 from Magicshine Official store woth 10% OFF code Alex36


The packaging is gorgeous, which is what it is. In fact, a luxury cardboard box with excellent printing.

The head and battery packs are inside the foam rubber. Underneath is something like a thin-walled paper box that houses the head mount, manual, and charging cable. Everything is neat and decent.

There are no gel inserts inside headstrap.Reflective elements on the outside are rather decorative then useful. There is only one visible at side, while rear one is closed by battery pack. However, you can buy a reflective tape at aliexpress, since it costs a penny, and stick it on battery pack to make sure you`ll be seen from that back side.

As you can see on pics below, I did not attach the wire to headstrap with a plastic clip. Of course, you should do it and the wire will not dangle.

The main character of this part of the review will be the battery pack.

If you are looking to buy a good headlamp, then most likely you will find it in the form of a T- or L-shaped monoblock. The monoblock is certainly larger, but this allows it to dissipate heat much more efficiently and keep high brightness (remember this moment).
As examples:

Acebeam H30 and Sofirn SP40

Magicshine has a non-separable battery pack with one battery. And if the latter is only meaningless ( TWO batteries will reveal all the charm of the remote battery pack, not ONE), then the first is also impractical. There are no superhigh currents on which manufacturer may refer to and say “we ensure the contact density and remove losses” and prevent from installing low-current batteries. Well, Magicshine, you like plastic, okay, make a plastic cover on a plastic thread, Fenix ​​did it in HP30R.

In short, a non-separable unit with a 21700 battery is definitely not good. If the battery runs out, you are doomed to wait until it recharges.

Second point – it would be wise to make a cover for both connectors, not just type-c. The latter has a nice thick cover.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. 4000mah is pretty cheaaap. Judging by aliexpress, 4000 and 4800mah 21700 batteries differ in price very insignificantly. And 20% difference in working time is noticeable.

The third point is that the cutout for connecting the battery pack and the back of the head mount had to be made trapezoidal. Now you can confuse and set the block upside down. This moment is insignificant, but it should be noted.

How well does this headlamp fit on your head? OK, in general. Battery pack doesnt feel like burden, it sits quite comfortable. The photo shows that it is far enough away from the head, but in reality it does not hang up and down.

It would be much more uselfull to provide MOH35 with separate extension cable to make the battery pack fully remote. So, if necessary, it can be put into a backpack or pocket and generally relieve the head.

The line of Magicshine headlamps has a regular and PRO version of the MOH55 with a remote battery pack in form of Li-PO power bank. This is just a smart solution that I welcome in every possible way. In the presence of some really powerful power bank, up to 20000-30000mah, head bloack can work at higher brightness for a very, very long time. I believe that Magicshine should sell separate head units with type-C connectors, so you can plug it into any powerbank you have.

One last thing worth noting. Here at MOH35 we`ve got Type-C with the simplest red-green charge indication.

Perhaps the only really good thing I can say about the design of the battery pack is that it operates in power bank mode. I can’t say anything about the current – the tester is not activated. But when the battery pack is connected to the smartphone, the latter starts charging. 2.4A are stated for this mode.

I have complaints about the design of the battery pack , while the head block is extremely pleasant.

What is it? A small (54×32×40g) metal cube, the entire upper part of which is occupied by a comfortable soft clicky button.

The ratchet tilt is adjustable within 60 degrees and holds quite tightly.

Optic looks damn good. But, alas, there is no way to see how the heat sink is organized there. And the declared 1000 lumens for a head of this size…uff…the brightness is very, very impressive. Right to the point that you start thinking if head block is too small for such a brightness.

The main, brightest and long-range light – XPL2

Less bright LED with diffused neutral light, convenient for working near Cree XLamp XD16

And a separate LED for red light.*XQ-E *


Convenient straightforwardness for the average user. Magicshine could come up with some of their own cunning crappy UI, but decided not to do it. Shortly, UI will do. Not really good and flexible, but not bad as well. Exactly for average user.

OFF-ON by pressing, about 1 second

switching modes by clicking low-mid-high-turbo (main) \ low-mid-high (near) \ low-high-SOS (red)

2x click – toggle the LEDs.

memory for both LED and brightness level.

How it shines

Everything is pretty decent here. There is an opportunity to get some throw with spot light (classic cold light), there is a less bright, but much more convenient near diffused neutral light at 4300K. And there are two levels of red light.

It is worth noting that I have already met headlamps with additional red and flood LEDs. But there was one level of brightness. And in terms of light, Moh35 is much more interesting here.

And a very interesting question, what about stabilization?

Yes, everything is fine. Even great, I will say so.

Taking into account the fact that the battery is not replaceable, I will say that rutime here is very good and with the maximum probability you will have enough runtime for the whole evening. And if you work mostly at close range, then for the whole night.

Math in specs, as it is often met, incudes all the runtime , even after getting to lower mode. that is why specs here are mostly useless. see real runtime below

400lums in spot light mode, this is quite sufficient, even excessive brightness. And it will be enough for you practically for the whole evening.

As a rule, u use headlamp for near range works. So, 18 hours at maximum brightness for flood light is wonderful.

The turbo also raise questions. It can be seen that there is a thermal cutoff, when you turn turbo on again, the brightness is immediately slides down, and with some fan cooling it`s runtime increases. But 1000 lumens should heat up such a compact head unit extremely quickly. And taking into account such a small size of the head unit, more than 3 minutes in the turbo is so good that it is worth thinking about the efficiency of the heat transfer from LEDs.

In short, there is both a classic marketing math in specs (increased max brightness and rutime) . However, the most important thing is that even as it is, the flashlight actually gives a good and comfortable light. See for yourself pics with all modes.

and, as usually, my review of Magicshine MOH35 includes way more example of how this headlamp illuminates


This headlamp is definitely better than what I would expect from a brand that is just getting started with hand and head lamps.

Magicshine MOH35 is a very balanced model. In the sense that all that I can say good about him is balanced by its bads.

I am not against built-in batteries when they are used in compact, plastic models headlamps, there is simply no other way (and even now you can find hybrids of the built-in + AAA battery). But when it comes to a full-size model, I find it definitely unjustified to deprive the user of the opportunity to replace a dischargerd battery with a fresh one.

Yes, you have 21700 battery, which has about 20-30% more capacity than the usual 18650 – and that’s good. And the bad thing is that 4000mah. With a difference in price from 4800mah, is outright greed, especially when the MOH35 costs quite a lot – $ 90! A $1-2 difference in the battery price would not play any role here, in contrast to the 20% difference in capacity.

Actually, this non-removable battery pack and the minimum capacity 21700 battery are main functional drawback of this model. Then the good begins, and, in general, there is a lot of it.

For example, with the battery as it is, runtime is remarkable. In general, I am sure that on a full charge you will have good (to work both near and far) light for the whole evening. And if you work mainly with flood light, which is most used for some kind of repair work or in a camping, then – for the whole night use.

This partially removes the issue with a non-removable battery. Of course, if you have access to a power bank and / or a solar battery when use MOH35 outdoor. Again, the brightness is completely stabilized here, good.

What else. There is a fast type-C charger with the ability to work as a power bank.

A big, big advantage I see here, is that the additional LEDs are fully functional here, they are not limited to one level of brightness. Chances are, you won’t even need maximum brightness from flood light mode and 50 lumens of medium mode will give you remarkable runtime. Well, it’s worth noting also a pleasant color temperature for this LED.

As for the brightness, capacity\runtime ratio show that the maximum brightness is little bit overstated here (which is bad), but it is still definitely enough (which is good). Well, dont forget that head warms up too slowly, so heat transfer from the LED seems not to be that efficient.

Red light can be very bright when needed. Probably the brightest I have ever seen of any headlamp. And also, when necessary, ther is really dim red light, that is convenient in tent. To avoid getting blind you need to turn off the flashlight in this mode. And, accordingly, we got to the UI

I would characterize it as advanced Fenix-style UI.

It is not flexible enough for experienced users, but I doubt they would be interested in this model. But the average user will find such UI quite convenient. Actually, an ordinary user with a big wallet is the clear target audience of this model, IMO.

soooo….If you do not take into account non-replaceable battery, then the light of MOH35 is definitely more interesting than many competitors can offer yoy.

It is, in my opinion, a rather serious advantage. And, in general, speaking about fuctionality this is a qiute good model. If: a) the ability to have a full-fledged additional LEDs is more important for you than beeing tied to a power bank or charger and b) you are ready to spend $ 90 (80$ with 10% off code), then you may well consider the MOH35 option for buying yourself or as a gift (I remind – his packaging is very good and presentable).

I hope that I am everything + – I indicated here in sufficient quantity to form an impression of this headlamp
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