Tripple/quad vs single cell

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Tripple/quad vs single cell

Hi. A few soda can flashlights cought my eye from Sofirn. The Q8, quad cell, quad single die leds. And SP36, tripple cell, quad single die leds. Also the C8F, single cell, triple single die leds. How do they compare to asingle cell, single die and single cell quad die led flashlight. I’ve also seen big 26650 double cell flashlights with single xhp70 leds.

Could some one with good knowledge spare some details of how the drivers tend to work in all these different configurations? I’m interested from the efficiency standpoint.

I personally have a single 26650 cell xhp70 led flashlight. I know those are 6 and 12 volt leds. So the drivers probably step up the voltage. The double cell configuration would probably be a bit more efficient because you wouldn’t need the transformation as much, I assume, and more volts is better than more current. I also have a few 18650 single led flashlights. I think they’re current regulated.

Anyways I’m interested to know the electronic workings of the all the configurations. Thank you.

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