D4v2 brass e21a 2000k

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D4v2 brass e21a 2000k

Im having problems with this flashlight. The button is being unresponsive and i have to press it very hard to have it turn on. While holding the button some times it ramps other times it ramps a little and stops. Ive changed the battery, changed the body with another d4v2 and reset it a few times nothing works. Anybody have any ideas what the problem is?

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Maybe the button is faulty? Have you bought it from intl-outdoor? If yes, you can send message to Hank

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Check if it’s in muggle mode (click 6 times from off) – that can make the operation weird:

Also you can unscrew the head and tailcap and check that the threads and contact surfaces are clean.
If it’s still bad, then I’d contact Hank for support: contact@intl-outdoor.com

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The thin membrane often breaks on these Emisar switches. I pried my retainer ring out with a small flat blade screwdriver and re-attached the metal dome over the exact center with some painters tape.