Fireflies NOV-MU 21*Nichia E21A mule 1x21700 Flashlight --in stock

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Dalamar wrote:
ArtieT59 wrote:

Im just jumping in here, i have recently become interested in the Nov-Mu. I have not had any Mule lights before, but i have considered the D4 / KR4 before as i have multiple of each of those and like them. But, i also have the e12r, (2) e07x, and the rot66 and like them all very much. I think this Nov-Mu sounds nice as i have heard others talk highly of it (especially the emitter placement) and i like the fact that it has 21700 capability. 


So it sounds like  40t is needed, or at least not the samsung 50e? Is Molicel p42a OK? I assume it is..


I was reading the last 2 pages of conversation, and it seems like there is audible noise? i havent gotten that from my e12r or e07x, but i use 40t and Molicel p42a. 


Also, i like warm tints, and i have read the great things about the 2000k, but i think all 2000k might be too warm for me. i have an email out to FireFlies asking if they will mix (9) 2000k and (12) 4500k. 


Has anyone had any luck with FireFlies doing this per special request? i was chatting on Reddit with an enthusiast who has (2) new E07x’s with custom sst20 2700k / 4000k mixes, he told me he emailed FireFlies and they did it for him when he bought the lights. I didn’t know FireFlies was so accommodating.


i have gotten responses from Jack and Oliver, but they are pretty seldom (like a response ever 2-4 weeks), which is fine, it just makes the ordering process much longer. But i will say i did do a “custom” order for 22430 bodies and batteries, and someone sent out the wrong product immediately after our conversation. a week later Jack emailed me, acknowledged they in fact sent the e12r short tubes instead of the e07x tubes, and he sent me the e07x tubes too (blue and red). so i have 4 short tubes, all different colors (blue, red, sand, black) and 4 batteries. I ultimately got the (2) e12r tubes for free. it worked out really well, but i dont know if that service is an outlier though.  



D4/KR4 are a total joke, at least 2 tiers below anything FF sells… it’s just too small combined with too inefficient. If it had a buck driver, it would be more competent, but still limited by mass/area anyway. It’s a travesty that Hank won’t use buck.

Jack will do custom supposedly, but I don’t really have experience. I emailed beforehand about custom light (without ordering), he said he’d test but haven’t heard back. I don’t know. I won’t make an order for custom before a pre-approval.

The DT8 appears to be a big step up though, and seems to be a good alternative to the NOV-MU.
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is there any test between the led options ? not sure which one too choose.. I guess it is between 2000k and 3500k… Would be nice for something comparision with lumens also some video/photo to compare.
Never tried 2000k before.

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Just realized nobody has posted that Fireflies now offers the Nov-Mu with a tint-mix of 9 – E21a 2000k and 12 – E21a 4500k as a standard option.

It’s listed as “Nichia E21A Mix Tint 3500K”

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Sounds like it would be really pink.

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I’m pleasantly surprised by just how efficient this light is. I used the 4500k version at max ramp (I’m guessing around 1000 lumens) off and on, and for continuous use last night, all and all lasting around 30 minutes. The light was able to sustain that output with minimal dropoff due to temperature regulation. What surprised me more is when I got home to charge its battery (because I imagined that amount of output for that time from 95cri emitters would surely drain the 40T quite a bit), I was amazed to see it only dropped down to 3.9v.

This 21 grid array of E21As is a real winner! And when it comes down to it, I don’t really mind the pure flood pattern for walking in fields and woods, but it’s not the best thing when around other people, as you can’t control your light pollution quite as well.

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Picked up a 2000k for night use cause why not with 3 bathroom trips a night?

measurements were a surprise, it’s not 90/50 ra/r9

I only like high CRI. Collection:

Fireflies NOV-MU 21 4500k E21A

Fireflies ROT66 219B SW45 D220

Fireflies E07 Copper 219B SW45k? (odd/higher lumen bin with lower r9 and higher cct?)

Fireflies E07 219B SW45k

Fireflies E07x Pro sst20 FA4 4000k 


Varmint removal:

Convoy M21A C8 ver SST20 4000k (5a)

Convoy S2+ SST20 4000k  FB4 (3200ma)



Emisar D18 660nm SST20 



CRI test dump