“REVIEW”: Viltrox RB08 – Photography LED light

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“REVIEW”: Viltrox RB08 – Photography LED light

This is a short review of my Viltrox RB08, a photography LED light that I recently bought in AliExpress.
It costed my around 23€ in this store (non-affiliate): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33038446951.html

I bought this light to help me on some photography and videos.

Being a budget and compact light, with a good illumination range in terms of colour temperature and even brightness, and also being usable in a tripod or a cellphone “mount”, this seemed a good option and so far I am happy with it!

As you know I don’t have tools for measurements of lumens or CRI, but I’ll try to give you my best overall vision of it! Also, I am used to review flashlights and this is a slightly different thing, so bear with me in some aspects I may not portray as needed.



The Viltrox RB08 arrived well packed from the seller. It took 20 days to arrive.
The package consists of a thick protective box, Viltrox branded, which inside brings: Viltrox RB08 with diffuser, USB to Micro-USB cable, hotshoe adapter, User Manual, QC control certificate and Warranty Card.

Here goes some information about the Viltrox RB08:
- 24 dual colour LEDS
- ramps from 2500K to 8500K
- >95 CRI
- adjustment from 10% up to 100%
- max brightness of 720 lumens
- max of 985Lux / 0.5M (at 0.5M, 5600K, 100% power)
- max runtime of 1.2h (at 5600K, 100%)
- micro-USB charging
- built-in 3.7V 3000mAh rechargeable battery (DC)
- 8W (constant power)
- tripod adaptable with 1/4 hole
- hard plastic body
- OLED screen display

It can be used with the included diffuser and with the hotshoe adapter. It can also be mounted directly in a tripod with 1/4 size.

With the diffuser. This opaque diffuser has 4 metal buttons in the corners that will “adhere” to the RB08 through some “magnetic holes”. It stays in place and doesn’t come out easily, meaning, you’ll have to pull it for it to be released.
While in place, there is a “gap” between the diffuser and the RB08. This does not affect the beam when being used out of the photography/video frame.

About the hotshoe adapter, it is ¼ and has 2 adapting rings/wheels, one towards the tripod, the other towards the light.

This is how it looks like in my tripod and in the monopod

Size and weight. This light is fairly compact and lightweight, can be easily carried in a pocket or in a backpack. Also, being lightweight, it won’t be a “burden” when carrying a tripod with a camera/cellphone already installed. I believe that there are others with less weight and smaller, though.
I forgot to photograph, but thickness (with diffuser installed) is 17,5mm.

Before entering the operation and lighting, let’s show the User Manual, which is written in English and Chinese. Well written, well explained and with the necessary information, IMO.
(click for bigger images)


The Viltrox RB08 has 4 side buttons: Power, Mode, + and
To Turn ON and OFF, press and hold the Power button for 1 second.

To alternate between Brightness and Colour Temperature configuration, with the light ON, click on the Mode button. Then, to increase/decrease brightness or CT, press the + or buttons.

The values of brightness and CT appear on the OLED display. Warning: the OLED has PWM.

As mentioned above, the top values are 100% / 8500K and the bottom values are 10% / 2500K.
The brightness can be adapted each 1%, while the CT is adapted each 100K.

When the light is on 2500K, only the warm side of the LEDs is lit up, which means the yellow part of the LED.
When the light is on 8500K, only the cool side of the LED is lit up, which means the white part of the LED.
From 2600K to 8400K, both parts of the led are lit up, but with different intensities.

From warmer to cooler temperature!

With the diffuser! (note that I “focused” the focus to see the LEDs position)

Now, here is a comparison of the Viltrox RB08 with some of my flashlights! Setting was WB 5000K, ISO 100, Shutter 1/30s.

I compared each flashlight with the corresponding CT of the Viltrox. It was set on 70%.

Vs Luxeon V2 3000K (Lumintop Tool AA Panda White)

Vs Luxeon V2 4000K (RovyVon Aurora A23)

Vs Samsung LH351D 5000K (Wuben TO50R)

Vs SST40 ~*6500K* (Olight Warrior Mini)

Above my mothers plant from 2500K > 5500K > 8500K:

And here is how it looks on a monopod mount.

And here’s a video demonstrating how this light works and showing some comparison of tints.



As I mentioned, this is a lightweight photography light, very carriable and compact.

It is versatile both due to the colour temperature and the brightness configuration, which is useful in different situations of video and photo. Also, its adaptability to normal tripods is a plus Wink

It seems to have a long runtime, but I didn’t make a runtime test to ascertain that. I know I’ve used it for a while and it is still with full battery, specially if using low brightness levels.

I wish the light could be used while charging but that is not possible, which is a less good aspect for me.

Also, I wish it had a carrying pouch/bag, for protection. I managed to find one I had, so I am carrying it more protected now.

I guess it is important to leave some warnings:
- use the diffuser to protect the leds, because if the light falls without diffuser, it may damaged the leds;
- being a built-in battery, it will probably be less “good” with time, so it is something to take into account


Thanks for reading!
Best regards Beer

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Very useful review, thank you !

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Thank you stephenk! Thumbs Up
Hope it helps in some way Thumbs Up

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Sounds like a useful thing to have, thanks for the nice review!

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djozz wrote:
Sounds like a useful thing to have, thanks for the nice review!

Thanks djozz Thumbs Up
It is indeed! I hope to give it some use both for reviews or even for “stand alone” light! The warm 2500K is quite nice for ambient light! Thumbs Up