Nichia 219C vs LH351D - Best LED for Outdoor Hikes?

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Nichia 219C vs LH351D - Best LED for Outdoor Hikes?

Picking up another tri-led floody flashlight for hiking in the woods. What’s the difference between Nichia 219C vs LH351D?

I have one in Nichia 219C 4000K and like it a lot. Is it worth checking out the LH351D 4000K? How does that compare?

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I don’t have the S12 or any tripples ,

Not sure if that helps but a single LH351D 4000K compared to a single Nichia 219C has more output, and it heats up more as well.. It has a better CRI when lighting up foliage or colored object.

You could ask in the Convoy thread, more people will chime in there,

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They are pretty similar, LH351D has a little larger die (more flood) and more output. LH351D will probably be 2000-2300 lumens or so. 219C will be lower, more like 1600ish. Not that noticeable in use.

I will say, LH351D in smooth reflector can have some green in the corona, but 219C can as well. Won’t be noticeable in outdoor use regardless.

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> What’s the difference between Nichia 219C vs LH351D?

they have similar CRI Ra and CRI R9, so I dont think there is a good reason to buy the LH351d in terms of color quality.

The LH351d is a larger LED, so a larger hotspot, I dont think that matters in a triple, since the lens creates the beam.

The LH351d is brighter, again I dont think it matters, for general use when not on turbo.

> Is it worth checking out the LH351D 4000K?

not to me..
the SST-20 has better color quality, higher CRI R9, than both the 219c and LH351d

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LH351D is very floody. The beam won’t project as far as SST-20.

For outdoor use the SST-20 is great, with a throwier beam than the other options and better R9. However, the SST-20 tends to look a bit greenish at lower power settings. More so than 219C.

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I have all 3 emitters (SST20, Nichia219c and LH351D, all 4k) in my S2+ and I used to have S12 SST20, 4k and LH351D 4k.

If you are going to buy a triple, I found that S12 with LH351D is too floody, perhaps the floodiest light I have ever had (and I like flood). You will lose too much range.
With SST20, S12 produces a good usable beam, but I didn’t like its petal pattern. If I am to choose between S12 or some triple-emitter-under-TIR flashlight, I would go for the latter.

With regards to the emitter, Nichia219C from Convoy is a happy medium between floodiness and range. The led itself is quite rosy, which is lovely. But if you use an ar-coated glass lens from Convoy, it will be greener. The LH351D 4K that I got from Simon is the greenest among the three, but also the brightest. The SST20 is also green under a lower current, and it is not bright enough for me under the same current draw compared to the other 2, but I feel that its colour is the most natural (a bit green, like the sunlight).