Looking for 1-/2-cell analyzing charger

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Looking for 1-/2-cell analyzing charger

I still have a few old Li-Ion batteries of different sizes and chemistry, including the decades-old Pila. I’m just a casual user, so I don’t really need the larger 4-cell chargers…

_I bought an Opus CT-C100 last year hoping to get some solid efficacy data – actual mAh ‘capacity’ vs published/rated on the cell. I was, however, disappointed that I could not really get it done… especially trying to simulate a ‘NOR’ test. The instruction sheet that came with the CT-C100 was rather ambiguous.

Essentially, I go thru a manual CHARGE, DISCHARGE, then (re)CHARGE. It’s mostly on the DISCHARGE mode that I don’t get a result — only saying less than 100 mAh, yet the voltage is already way down… and in cases of unprotected cell, below 2A. (…another story)

Am I doing this wrong? or I really have a crappy analyzing charger?_

I selected the single-cell Opus, because I like compact chargers, as opposed to the C3100 or even Lii-500 Engineer.

What are my other options for a compact [single or 2-cell] analyzing charger?


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