[Review] - Wuben Gecko E61- Rotating Penlight with interchangeable tips - by Lock

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[Review] - Wuben Gecko E61- Rotating Penlight with interchangeable tips - by Lock

Hello everyone… today we will see the Wuben Gecko E61: Multifunction tactical penlight with really interesting features

Packaging and Contents

  • Penlight Wuben Gecko E61
  • Ink-less Tip (forever pen)
  • Stylus Pen
  • 4x Writing Pen
  • Glass Breaker with zirconium tip
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual

In my case the flashlight was sent in a black cardboard box specially created for reviewers.

Here you can find the multilingual user manual of the Wuben Gecko E61

Main features and official technical specifications

  • Multifunction Penlight
  • Max output: 130 lumens
  • Max Distance: 12 meters
  • Max intensity: 37 cd
  • Max Runtime: 15 hours
  • Head can be rotated by 270 °
  • Auxiliary Red / Blue LEDs
  • Backlit electronic switch with "Breathing Light" function
  • Built-in magnet
  • 120mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Impact resistance 1 meter
  • Body made entirely of aluminum
  • Waterproof IP68 (submersible up to 2 meters deep for 1 hour)
  • Size: 5.63'' x 0.7'' x 0.49'' / 143 x 17.8 x 12.5 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 oz / 52g

The body and the materials
The Wuben Gecko E61 is a tactical multifunction pen equipped with a series of LEDs (White / Red / BLUE) and 4 different interchangeable tips.

This Penlight is made entirely of aluminum. In the hand it offers a nice feeling of robustness. E 'shock resistant up to a waterproof and according to the standard IP66 (or IP68, in fact there is inconsistency between the user manual and the information on the product page.)
The torch body has the particularity of being rotated through 270 degrees and thus allow to choose at will the desired position.

Well done lettering and anodizing

The maximum output is about 130 lumens which is maintained for about a minute before the stepdown to 40 lumens. The lowest level is only 3 lumens with a runtime of around 15 hours.
The optical part consists of 3 main white LEDs and two auxiliary LEDs (Red and Blue). The lens is frosted semi-transparent.

The color of the main white LEDs is Cool, but of a pure white tending to neutral (I think less than 6000k), the beam is total flood. The two auxiliary Red / Blue signaling LEDs have a maximum output of about 10 lumens.

Power is supplied by a non-removable 120mAh internal battery and the flashlight is recharged via a micro USB port.

The switch is electronic, rubberized, slightly protruding and embedded in a small flare of the torch body. When pressed, it emits a nice “click”, is very reactive and easy to activate. Below, a small colored status LED acts as a Locator (“Breathing Light”) and also returns information on the charging progress.

This multifunctional pen is designed with a 360 degree rotatable system that allows you to mount two different accessories on its tip at the same time. In fact, both ends can be unscrewed and replaced. Bundled with the E61, four different types of tips are provided: you can choose between the classic ballpoint pen, the pen without ink, the stylus pen to be used with tablets and smartphones and the zirconium glass breaker tip.

To unlock the tip and allow it to rotate, it is necessary to push it down until you hear a click. At this point it will be free to rotate 360 degrees. Once you have chosen the accessory to use, the tip must be locked again with an upward pressure until you hear a small click.

On the side, on the body, there is a magnetized round section that allows the torch to be easily attached to any ferromagnetic surface. Used in this way it can act as a small work lamp with the possibility of comfortably directing the beam in the direction that best suits us.

There is also a very rigid clip that offers exceptional grip on clothes.

In the hand the E61 is comfortable, writing is smooth. It is possible, thanks to the rotating lamp, to illuminate the paper well while writing.

User Interface

Single click on the switch to turn on the flashlight, click again to turn it off. The E61 has the function of memorizing the last level used which will then be repeated at the next power on.

Selezioni del livello di output
When the flashlight is on, long press the switch to toggle between Low-Medium-High-Low. The output will be selected when the switch is released.

Modalità flash
Double click on the switch to activate the Red / Blue lights (from any mode). Single click to exit flash mode

Breathing Light
When the flashlight is on or off, triple click the switch to turn the status LED under the switch on or off. It acts as a switch locator and can be used to make the E61 visible in the dark. It is recommended to disable this function when it is not needed to save battery power.
The overall runtime in this mode will be approximately 5 days if the main light is not used.

When the flashlight is off, click the switch 4 times, the main light flashes 3 times to indicate the lock status. So any operation on the switch will be invalid unless you click the switch 4 more times, which will activate Low mode, to indicate the flashlight unlock.

Connect the micro USB cable to recharge the E61 flashlight. The charging time is around 1 hour but depends on the charger used

  • Charging: Steady red light on
  • Charging Complete: Constant blue light on

Indication of the state of charge of the battery: the LED under the switch will light up in blue or red indicating the residual capacity of the cell in the following ways:

  • Constant blue light on (turns off after 5 seconds): C ≥ 90%
  • Flashing constant blue light (turns off after 5 seconds): 90%> C ≥ 40%:
  • Constant red light on (turns off after 5 seconds): 40%> C ≥ 15%:
  • Flashing red light: 15%> C> 0%

Beamshot #1

Beamshot #2

Beamshot #3

Beamshot #4.

Final judgement

The Wuben Gecko E61 is a multifunctional tactical pen. As we have seen it presents a beautiful rotating flashlight ideal both for illuminating the paper while writing and as a small work or EDC flashlight.

Impeccably built with abundant thicknesses, the E61 is very robust and all moving parts rotate smoothly without a hitch. Comfortable to hold, it offers excellent tactile feedback in the hand.

I like the possibility of changing the tips and being able to choose between 4 different accessories.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, I really liked the fact that the switch status LED can be activated, even with the flashlight off, in order to use it as a locator. There is a Memory mode for both the White and Red / Blue flashing LEDs (for the latter, perhaps it would have been better if there had not been the possibility of memorization).

The red / blue stroboscopic LEDs give me a headache XD and I see no other use for them than for signaling. I would have preferred there was a strobe on the White LEDs and the possibility of having a fixed light for the Red and Blue LEDs. A steady Red light in my opinion would have been, perhaps, a little more useful.

We hope for a future upgrade perhaps with the presence of High CRI LEDs.

Overall, it is a really nice little object !!!

Thanks for reading XD !!!

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I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened this thread. Big Smile

Thanks for the review!

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The ultimate gadget!

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And it can actually be bent even further to the back, having 3 positions (+ closed):

1 ._ (270º)

2 |¨ (180º)

3 _. (90º)

Thanks for the review and outdoor beamshots! Thumbs Up

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Huh, that’s a unique penlight! I’ve never seen one with an angled worklight; all the ones I’ve seen have been tube lights.
Great work on the review!