Withdrawn... Foursevens Quark RGB Flashlight

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Withdrawn... Foursevens Quark RGB Flashlight


Foursevens Quark RBG Flashlight.
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The flashlight with the coolest looking led ever made! I have wanted a Quark RGB for years after it was discontinued, but I have made better RGB lights since, optically superior (one that I made does actually colour mix, the Quark RGB produces too poor and non-overlapping beams for that) and a better user interface (with colour XM-L’s and with separate XP-E2’s in a quad optic).
Still I want a Quark RGB out of nostalgia, but 65 dollar is way too much for nostalgia.

Still a great curiosity light, amazing even that Foursevens decided to make it at all, and I hope that you find a buyer.