Cree XP-L Hi 7A 3000K Warm White FW3A/C/T/SS

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Cree XP-L Hi 7A 3000K Warm White FW3A/C/T/SS

The Warm White Cree emitter was available for most of the FW3A hosts, but they sold out first, and have remained sold out.

I expect it must be possible to source just the LED board with the WW LEDs already installed, and swap stars, and duplicate that sold out LED option.

Here the product can be configured to a Cree LED star w/ triple 3 up LEDs in 3000K, “Compatible with Carclo Optics.” Unclear on what the LED is, but what are the chances it might actually be “Cree XPL Hi 7A 3000K” LEDs?

I would guess there are a large number of resellers like this one, and there’s probably at least one reseller among them that actually lists all the specs, and the actual star and LEDs from those sold out models (if they are Cree stars) can be sourced, leading to a simple mod to very accurately recreate that 3000K model using all but that part from any other another triple LED model.

I also expect the tint of XP-L Hi 7A 3000K is not perfect, and others to whom tint is of primary concern prefer different temperature and/or a different warm LED.

So there’s two ideas here, that maybe that triple star part in the Lumintops FW3A/C/T/SS that sold out is actually available as a part, and maybe there’s something wrong with the tint of that warm Cree LED (I have never seen btw).

What does BLF think?

Edit: I have a number of 4000K lights, keeping them, but only just received a 3000K flashlight, and now that color temperature is interesting to me. So I wish I could buy a FW3T with the XP-L Hi 7A WW LEDs, but they were all gone long ago. Swapping 3 LEDs is not free for me. Maybe there’s an easier way resulting in a less expensive mod that incidentally matches the stock sold out version. Let’s see what kind of luck there is.

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I believe it’s just a little higher than 3000k possibly 3200k. I have both the fw3 a and fw1a with the 7A and just realized yesterday that LED is no longer an option. Also have the fw3a with the sst 4000k and I don’t like the 4000k. The sst 2700k in other lights is nice so that’s an alternative.

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FW3A with XP-L HI 7A CRI80 has good tint below BBL. I have one and I like it. I wish more flashlights had this led as an option.

I do not know how good the ones sold by LEDsupply are, but Kaidomain sells a triple with XP-L HI U4 7A2 for $14.71, which should have a tint similar to FW3A.

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Hi there! I stacked with the same problem! There is no fw3a with warm Cree in stock anywhere. Does anybody solve this problem? I was going to ask some craftsmes to swap the leds but it will take a lot of time coz first of all I need to order leds somewhere in China and then send it to person who can swap it.

And btw Cree xpl hi U4 8A is much more interesting instead of 7a – it is 2700k with nice pink tink and 80+ cri

So is it possible to order triple from kaidomain and swap the flashlight by myself at home?
what parameters of triple should I check to make sure it fits? it should be 20mm and that it?

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7A is a little warm for me, but the 5A2 and 5A3 are really nice. I converted one of my FW3A’s to this LED, it is rosy, fairly warn and has an ok profile.

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Btw what the last letters mean in Cree names? Like U4 7A. I know that number 7 refers to color temperature (warm) and that’s it.