20% OFF Lumintoplighting.com

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Penny wise but ...
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20% OFF Lumintoplighting.com

Greetings everyone, new member here, recently bitten by the flashlight bug.

I've picked up a few budget lights I've seen reviewed on YouTube that I really liked, but none were perfect for me. Discovered BLF while searching for that "perfect" EDC, and I fell in love with the BLF inspired FW1A. Received it a few weeks ago, after a painful wait for it to be shipped directly from China, and I'm absolutely in love! So a big thank you to all the BLF members that made that light come to life !

I purchased the light from lumintoplighting.com and received an email from them today with a great deal I wanted to share with everyone here on BLF.

20% OFF for ALL orders over $20 by appling the promotion code "THANKSGIVING" when checking out.

The code is valid from 2020-11-26 00:00:00 to 2020-11-30 23:59:00


Thanks for the great forum, I'm learning a lot from you guys!

And Happy Thanksgiving to all !









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Lumintop GT3 would be for me:

Shipping & Insurance:
Coupon Savings:
- $27.99
Service Charge:
Grand Total:

Even 2 x NW available. Shocked