Old Timer Sticking His Toe Back In

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Old Timer Sticking His Toe Back In

Greetings from Central Texas.

After a long absence, I’m sticking my toe back into the flashlight world. I started with CPF back in 2004 and was very active for several years. I can remember back then that getting 100 lumens out of an LED light was impressive! During my CPF days we had a place in the country where I could really put a good thrower to use (that meant an incandescent “hot wire” back then). I joined up here at BLF in 2013 but soon thereafter we sold the acreage, and not long after that my interest shifted from flashlights to pocket knives (funny how those two hobbies have a lot of intersections).

I’m still very active with the pocket knives, and also enjoy knife sharpening, but recently I couldn’t resist looking around a little to check out the incredible advances in LED technology and flashlights. Well, that was a terrible mistake—-once again, I have a shelf full of flashlights. Smile Not having access to the wide open spaces like I used to, these days I’m more interested in pocket lights for poking around the yard, dog walks, etc., and have mainly acquired AA and AAA lights, though I have indulged in a few more potent models (Acebeam E10 pocket thrower, ThruNite Neutron 2C V3, and Sofirn SC31 Pro). I’m not a technical guy or modder, but I guess you could say I’m an enthusiastic consumer.

During my short time back here, everyone has been very kind, and many have chimed in to answer my questions and generally get me pointed in the right direction. Many thanks for that, and it’s great to be here.


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Good your back and sharing you experiences from the earlier led period. Cool

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Welcome back to flashlights. I recognize your screen name from CPF. I started there in 2004 myself. Been here about 5 years. I really like it here. Members are cool, pretty laid back and very knowledgeable. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds, i am sure you will have a bunch of fun.

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Welcome back! I told myself several times that I was done…but it never really happened!

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well, i’ll post it: Hotel California.

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turkeydance wrote:
well, i’ll post it: Hotel California.

Ha Ha nailed it!

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Welcome back to BLF AFAustin! I like how you have a shelf full of flashlights due to the advances in LED technology. It sure is addicting.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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Awww man…now you gotta go thru all 12 steps again. Facepalm

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> Greetings from Central Texas.

welcome back

a few old timers have been popping up lately

the light they end up raving about is the FW3A and the Emissar D4

the guys into even more size, go for the Noctigon K4

hang on to your wallet.. there are High CRI options.. and Fancy Metals Smile

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Welcome back, AFAustin!


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Thank you, everyone, for the warm welcome. I look forward to learning from you all.