Review: "Glare Searchlight" SST-40 CW (Klarus G35 Clone)

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Review: "Glare Searchlight" SST-40 CW (Klarus G35 Clone)
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Looks like a decent light, and CW would bug me, but the UI is a real killer.

My Tacklife (made the rounds here, built like a tank) has HML and no blinkies, thank B’harni (pbuh!). Quick click takes you to the next mode, unless it’s been on and undisturbed a few seconds, then a click turns it off.

Also nice and throwy, thanks to the big reflector and teeny G3, but also has hideous stomach-turning tint-shift as a result of that G3. So diffusion film hides a multitude of those sins.

Also great handfeel and balance, as the weight is in the battery tube and not the head.

Debated swapping out the LED for something less rainbowy, but didn’t get around to it.

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