[Recensione] - Nitecore NTK07 - Ultra Slim Titanium Knife - by Lock

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[Recensione] - Nitecore NTK07 - Ultra Slim Titanium Knife - by Lock

Hi guys !!! Today we will see the NTK07, a very small titanium cutter, branded Nitecore, sent by the company specifically for review. Here you can find the link of the company while here all information regarding the product.

Product Description
The NTK07 arrives in a small blistered cardboard box with all the main information imprinted on it. The only accessory supplied is a very comfortable titanium sheath that covers the blade and guarantees the safe transport of the object.

The NTK07 has the entire body made of TC4 aeronautical titanium alloy which gives it high qualities of strength, lightness and great resistance to corrosion.

The titanium alloy is synonymous with premium quality and excellent performance so much so that it is used for aerospace applications. The body is worked to perfection with CNC technology and a precision of details in the order of 0.001mm.

The lettering is well done, very precise and well centered.
The large hole in the tail allows the NTK07 to be installed on key rings.

The handle guarantees good grip and stability, therefore an always precise and clean cut. On the body there are a series of millings that guarantee excellent grip.

The very low weight and extremely small dimensions mean that the NTK07 can be comfortably transported even inside a pocket.

  • Length including blade: 114.5mm
  • Body width: 11.8mm
  • Body thickness: 3.8mm
  • Length of the blade cutting profile: 20mm
  • Material: Titanium
  • Cutting angle: 32 °
  • Weight: 11g

The blade is razor sharp and very sharp and can be easily replaced. In fact, it is sufficient to unscrew the special screw also made with CNC technology, disengage the blade and remove it. The blade is made of stainless steel, the common "No. 11 Scalpel Blade" ideal for the hobby, for cutting paper, for opening packages, or in general for small daily chores.

The belt clip is also made of titanium, slightly flexible and firmly anchored to the body of the NTK07 by means of a small torx screw. If necessary, the clip can be removed.

The titanium blade sheath snaps onto the NTK07 body. To disengage it and "unsheath" the blade, a good pressure must be applied. A small protruding pin helps in this operation so that the opening can also be carried out using only one hand.

Here are some cutting tests of paper, wood and plastic.

Final remarks

The NTK07 is a quality accessory. Aesthetically beautiful, with the characteristic of being very light and very small (11cm in length and only 11g in weight).

Made of TC4 titanium with CNC machining, it is extremely well-finished in details and finishes.

The blade is extremely sharp and very thin, especially useful for precision work or small daily chores. If necessary, it is also easily available for replacement.

Beautiful titanium sheath that allows you to store and transport this scalpel in total safety.

I find it a nice accessory to keep on display for example on the office desk but also very useful for carrying out any small job that requires precision cuts.

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Very nice review. In that department you certainly are not to blame.

But …. to me that just looks like a (very) expensive box cutter.
I’m happy with my plastic €2 knives I can break the tip off when it gets dull.
Maybe I’m not much of a knife guy. Or is it that obvious.

Under 18 you can’t even buy a kitchen knive anymore in NL.
LEO’s are extremely worried about knives. Kids of 13 are in some sort of an arms race.
Specially the ones that compensate their lack of little grey cells with their vision on “manliness”.

Homicide rate is very low in NL. About 130 a year on a population of 17.5 million.
Most of the time that used to be a thing involving gangs of coke dealers.
But today kids are walking around with kitchen knives, or even machete’s, for self protection.

Oops, I almost forgot the basic layout of a comment: good-bad-good.
So let me repeat: this is a very nice review, but it is certainly not about an object of my desire.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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Thanks for the very extensive review of the scalpel holder.

I have a common scalpel holder, like used in hospitals, for those same no 11 blades, and several of those box-cutters that Henk mentions. This Nitecore holder would not add anything extra, I do not even like the design, so it is not for me.

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Same here. I’ve got and use/abuse several Swann-Morton # 3 scalpels, some of ‘m at least 35 years old. I just ordered another box of 100 x # 11 blades off AliExpress and that will be enough for a year. Slightly used knife blades can be re-sharpened by using a leather strop. My scalpels don’t have sheaths but if needed, I stick the knife in a small strip of EVA foam or balsa wood to protect myself from cutting…these blades are so sharp that initially you don’t even notice you cut yourself. A S-M # 3 and blade weighs 26,4 gr. (almost 1 ounce), that’s more than twice the 11 gr. of the Nitecore NTK07 but I like ‘m to have a bit of weight, I’m used to it and probably would make a few mistakes when changing to a different shape, feel and weight.
I will definitely buy and try the Nitecore scalpel one of these days, if only to see/feel the difference when working with paper, foam and wood but for the time being I’ll stick to the Swann-Mortons.

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i would lose that sheath within the week. I have to admit that I EDC not only a pocket knife but also a folding version (titanium) of a scalpel knife, it has its uses.