World's Brightest Flashlight by The Hacksmith Industries

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World's Brightest Flashlight by The Hacksmith Industries

Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here but I thought of you immediately after seing this video :

"-X3-, is there any place in your house without a flashlight ?" 

My Flashlight public album (mods, emitter swaps, eye candy)

My reviews channel (French language, Olight, Thorfire, Sofirn, Lumintop : 60+ lights tested)

My personal channel (including Olight SR mini, S1, S2, S1A and S-mini disassembly)

M4DM4X blog, saves you $$$ 

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Hey there X3 good to see you!

Looks like your post got duplicated for some reason, here’s the other one:

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