Vapcell Giveaway!!Winners announced!

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Vapcell Giveaway!!Winners announced!

hello everyone ~ thank you so much for all your support , here is the Winners announced!please contact me and give me your name , address , postal code and phone number , we will send out the package and give you the tracking number as fast as possible ~
Please continue to pay attention to Vapcell, we will have more new products and prizes in 2021, thank you for your support~

hi guys ~ this is Christy from aliexpress ~Vapcell has always been committed to making higher quality products and services.Vapcell promise all the battery and charger are Original ,and samsung sony Sanyo LG Panasonic Molicel 100% original never fake , This year, AliExpress has received a lot of orders and a lot of good reviews.We are very happy to share this news with you,We will serve you more seriously and professionally,Christmas is coming up , We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

How to join giveaway event?
We are currently doing a giveaway event for a period of 10 days, please leave a message to tell me Vapcell battery or brand battery such as samsung Sony LG Sanyo molicel or Vapcell battery charger you need, 10days later we will choosing 6 lucky winners Announce,The prize is 2pcs battery or 1pcs charger,good luck to all you guys ~

Vapcell new arrival battery and charger ~

1. Vapcell INR21700 T50 5000mah 20A/35A, super power King ! high capacity ~Beat LG M50/samsung 50E , for vape and flashlight

2.Vapcell INR21700 G50 5000mah 15A , very good performance, super hot sale ,for box mod and flashlight

3.Samsung 21700 40T 4000mah 30A, 100% original Never Fake , high discharge/capacity PK Samsung 30T,100% satisfaction feedback

4.Vapcell 18350 1100mah 9A M11 , mooch/HKJ test , The highest capacity and highest discharge best choice for 18350 mod, For mech mod & flashlight

5. Vapcell ICR14500 1000mah 3A , mini AA Size battery , super stable performance, Excellent capacity for flashlight

6.Vapcell INR14500 1000mah H10,Highest discharge current :10A, mini AA size battery ,best choose for flashlight

7.Molicel 21700 4200mah 30A/45A , 100% origianl Never Fake , the most hot sale on double Eleven , high capacity and good performance

8.Vapcell INR26650 5300mah 20A, mooch test ~high capacity , for vape and flashlight ~

9.Vapcell S4 plus charger , New upgrade version, 3A/slot, 12A in total Multi-function super fast charging,EU/US/AU/UK plug, super excellent feedback on aliexpress

10.Vapcell P2 power bank charger ,new arrival , 2slot apply to 3.6/3.7v upprotected 18650 li-ion batteries,Portable battery charger with power bank function, mini battery charger , increase each cell’s longevity

Notice : we will share more types of the new arrival battery , and most hot sale battery

Vapcell new arrival
vapcell INR18650 3000mah 25A S30 similar as Sony 18650 vtc6A,

Vapcell P25 INR18650 2500mAh 20A/35A similar as samsung 25R

Vapcell K28 INR18650 2800mah 20A/35A

Vapcell hot sale battery
Vapcell 16340 T8 850mah 3A , best choose for flashlight

Vapcell INR10440 320mah 3A, mini AAA size

samsung 18650 30Q 3000mah 15A/20A,

samsung 21700 30T 3000mah 35A,

samsung 21700 50G 5000mah 15A,

If you want more product information, you can visit the official website or AliExpress. If you have any questions, you can contact AliExpress customer service
shop :
vapcell offical :
christy whatsapp : +8613612863600

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win a gift. If you have a battery or charger which you need, you can contact AliExpress seller. We will provide special preferential prices for BLF members. the more quantity and the more discount , Please contact AliExpress seller to change the price.we are welcome any suggestions you have, thank you Your continuous support!

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Hello and thanks for the giveaway! <3

A Vapcell S4 plus charger would be much appreciated if chosen. Thanks again!

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T50’s sure would be nice. Thanks for GAW!

80s Fan
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9.Vapcell S4 plus charger for me.
Thanks for the giveaway.

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Thanks for this opportunity.
I would like the new 26650 with 5300mA you mentioned.
All the best

F. Premens
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I’ve just bought you 4 21700 Molis, so in this case I would go for a Vapcells S4 Plus charger. Smile

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2x Samsung 30T

Thanks Vapcell!

I’ve ordered a few Vapcell products this year since joining BLF:
1x Vapcell S4 plus charger (August 2020)
4x Vapcell INR10440 320mah 3A
2x Vapcell M11 IMR18350 1100mah 9A
4x Vapcell H10 INR14500 1000mah
2x Vapcell T50 INR21700 5000mah 20A/35A

I won 2x Vapcell S30 INR18650 3000mah 25A during a Vapcell live stream on Facebook a few months ago.

Thanks for supporting the flashlight community!

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Vapcell 18350 1100mah 9A M11 looks nice to me Smile

Thank you for the GAW Dennis

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Either the Vapcell INR26650 or any 21700 would be appreciated.

Thanks for the GAW!



Smile! It makes others wonder what you've been up to.

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Hi Dennis, nice you’re doing a december GAW.

My motto is: you can never have too many:

samsung 18650 30Q 3000mah 15A/20A,


Edit: I just blew some AAA drivers, that I will replace by a 10440 + resistor.

So you would also make me (very) happy with: Vapcell INR10440 320mah 3A, mini AAA size

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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Hello, Molicel 21700 4200mah 30A/45A would be great. Thank you. 

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hi, i would like some 30Q please, thank you!

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30Q please.

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Thanks for the giveaway. I recently ordered some Molicels and G53’s, so I would need the S4 plus charger. If not, also a pair of T50 would be great.

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Maybe it’s time to switch to 21700 and those Vapcell INR21700 T50 5000mah 20A/35A cells look pretty tasty so that’s my choice. Thanks for the giveaway!

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Thanks for this GAW Vapcell Wink
If I am chosen, I’d like to get the Vapcell S4 plus charger!
So I will probably buy some other cells from you (16650 and 20700) Wink

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Thanks for the giveaway! I’d like the Vapcell S4 as my charger’s not working properly.

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A pair of 30Qs would be nice.
Thanks for the GAW!

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I’m in for a – Vapcell S4 plus charger.

My previous quality charger only has 2-slots so a quality 4-slot charger would be great because in 2020 I added a couple of 3X and 4X cell lights.

Thanks for the GAW.

Seeking the light.

Chicken Drumstick
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Samsung 21700 40T


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My choice, if I win: Vapcell INR26650 5300mah 20A

Thank you!


Black Friday orders Smile

INR 21700 T50 Awaiting delivery
Vapcell S4 Plus Awaiting delivery
18650 35E Awaiting delivery

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The Vapcell S4 plus charger would be nice.

Thanks! Happy Holidays.

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Hi Christy! I will try my luck.
Vapcell S4 plus charger looks interesting for me. Thank you.

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Thanks for the gaw.

I really love Vapcell products, specially the chargers.

I am in for:


9.Vapcell S4 plus charger , New upgrade version,


Due To my bad economical situaction would be nice To win a charger… Will make my Christmas happier!

Thanks a lot and good luck To all

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Thanks for the GAW!

In for “9.Vapcell S4 plus charger”!

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In for a Vapcells S4 Plus.

Thanks for the giveaway!

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Vapcell INR26650 5300mah 20A
Thanks for the giveaway! Party

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Vapcell INR21700 T50 5000mah 20A/35A would be nice. Appreciate the giveaway.

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My analyzing charger from Astrolux is not good and I could really use an upgrade. If I win I’d like S4 plus.

Thanks for the chance Vapcell!

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Vapcell S4 plus charger would be nice since mine died recently.

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Robin Dobbie
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Vapcell INR21700 T50 5000mah 20A/35A looks nice! Also can’t have too many chargers.