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djozz wrote:
What I was not prepared to do is squeezing my build into the rules of the handbuild category, in which case I would have to handbuild parts that would turn out uglier and less practical than using a few parts of an existing light that was spare and at hand. I simply wanted to build it the best way I could. Maybe I should not have entered the competition for that reason, but the competition did give me that extra motivation to make it better and show it in a thread. This is not to suggest any rule changes, it is just how it worked for me.

I think that’s great. I’m glad you entered, too.

I think what you said kind of highlights a few things. There’s definitely a difference in effort and problem-solving between entering the hand-build vs the modified category. While I have every confidence you could have improvised something to fit the rules for the hand-made category, it may not be worth it to every person for every build. I know I have a part sitting in my box, it’s a copper spacer for a convoy pill made by kiriba-ru, and it would almost certainly fit perfectly into the head of my build and completely eliminate some fitment problems I’m having. Instead I’m probably going to be soldering together an ugly lump of brass washers to make my own spacer. Technically, the light will end up slightly inferior for it, and my efforts on the build are tremendously increased (as well, I have to go spend a little more money!). But at the same time, this is probably not a build I’d have attempted without the OL Challenge, and I decided in advance that I wanted to commit to the hand-build category if I possibly could.

I think that distinction, the extra effort to solve the really annoying problems while staying within the hand-build category, really set it apart from the modified light category. Otherwise, there are definitely “modified” builds this year that surpass the expertise/skill involved in my “hand-build”, and that’s okay.