Anyone have this little Weirdo Flashlight?

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Anyone have this little Weirdo Flashlight?

Just ordered it because “I have’s to Know”
With that link it costs $25.99 with this Thrunite listing it is $29.99;

Some definite crossbreeding between Thrunite and Wowtac even having some of the description mention Wowtac and comes with Wowtac battery.
Basically seems to be a variant of the Wowtac W1 but with different battery tube & bezel and uses SST20 instead of XP-G2.

And of course it is my favorite Olive Green.
Anyway we shall see, can not find any info on the Googler or anywhere else really.

What exactly is the BSS symbol/designation anyway??
They have other lights branded same way.


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Let me know how you like the SST20 and if the bezel comes off. I have the Wowtac and like it except it needs a TIR and a warmer temp. My bezel is tight but I did not try too hard to loosen it.