Multi LED or single LED - which is better?

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Multi LED or single LED - which is better?

I’ll do my best to give an answer, even though it isn’t an absolute answer Big Smile

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Multi. What’s the biggest LED light you’ve ever seen?

The Coast Guard lit a first of its kind LED-based rotating beacon at Oak Island Lighthouse on Caswell Beach, N.C., Dec. 7, 2020. “Lighthouses have navigational and historic significance here in North Carolina,” said Lt. Brittany Akers, chief of waterways management at Coast Guard Sector North Carolina. “The Oak Island Lighthouse is especially notable as it marks the entrance to the Cape Fear River. The modernization of the light will ensure its continued reliable service to the mariner in a cost-effective way that respects the historical significance of the lighthouse.”
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I tell people that want to see stuff further away, to go with single emitter in a large reflector. I tell the other people who don't want a narrow beam, to go with multiple emitters.

Far away: Single emitter. Further away: Bigger reflector single emitter.

More power, wider, closer: Multiple emitters.

More of both throw and more power at the same time: Need a bigger flashlight.

Because I like big lights, my flashlightical views lean heavily toward both the extreme bright and the extreme heft.

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Mmmmmmmmmm, MT-G2. Love

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