350 Lumen Camp Lamp by Sofirn

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350 Lumen Camp Lamp by Sofirn

Does anyone know anything about this lamp from Sofirn ?


The features…
Built-in 2 pieces of 1800mAh 18650 batteries. This seems to be a bit low powered.
bit confusing as in the specifications …
Battery: 2*18650 batteries(Powerful 3000mAh built-in battery)

No run times stated. Probably not made by Sofirn ?

Maybe a cheapish backup lamp for emergencies.

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Why wouldn’t you just get the BLF LT1?

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It is not Sofirn-branded, it is just a product they sell. I think it is not attractive, if only for the 6500K cold light, the outdated micro-USB port and the 1900 mAh batteries. Sounds like an old product.

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Ya, I saw those selling all over AE a few years back. That said, Barry does pick out decent “value” products in his “Barry’s Selected Products” page on the Sofirnlight.com site. He’s been in the biz a while and his S11C and D25s (he has modified by his source) are SUPER lights for the money! So if you are looking for something like this light, I’d buy it here before anywhere else. I trust Barry on this stuff Big Smile

But I agree 100% with belgarath… why not an LTI (which will last you a lifetime and never fail with proper use)? Of the lights I ACTUALLY use (not on the “queen’s shelf”) the D25s headlamps and LT1s ARE MADE for camping! — and used the most by myself (ok, the LT1’s sit on our bed stands where we REALLY do use them nightly! Kinda’ like camping in a way BUT a great place to “store” them when no actually out in the field).

The SP40 also ranks up there for headlamps, but more of a mechanic’s light (with shorty tube, and magnetic tail) where you can’t “stick” a magnetic light on a tree Silly


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Thanks for the replies.
I do have an LT1, a great lamp.
I was thinking about a couple of extra lamps for emergencies & the cost is attractive. Maybe I’ll do a google search to see if these are availabe elswhere & the cost.
Also, I was thinking of gifts for some of my friends – who believe that the light on their iPhone is all the need. They need to be enlightened.
A box of matches + a candle would probably be more suitable. Smile

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