Flashing firmware for MF01s

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Flashing firmware for MF01s

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone had any information in regards to flashing an Astrolux MF01s. I only have experience flashing emisar/noctigon products but it seems very possible. I have tried searching and have turned up very limited info. Does anyone know where I can obtain the necessary hardware for the re-flash?? I have 5 anduril 2 lights and my brand new MF01s is stuck on anduril 1 Sad thanks for your time.


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Bump. I’m pondering getting an MF01s and I’d quite like to have all lights on Andúril 2. Are there any exposed pads at all? If not, is it easy to disassemble nondestructively to get to the MCU and either clip it or tack on some wires?

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I have not done it to mine as I am happy with stock for now, but I found this thread and thought i would share it: https://budgetlightforum.com/node/74065

This should be the latest hex file: https://toykeeper.net/torches/fsm/anduril2/ anduril.2021-10-25.mateminco-mf01s.hex

Apparently it uses a SOIC8 clip which seems easier

Hope it works out. Please update us if it works. I might update mine for fun