[Review] Fenix TK22UE (21700, SST40W, 1600 lumens)

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[Review] Fenix TK22UE (21700, SST40W, 1600 lumens)

I`ve just understood that i havent posted english version of my review here at BLF, so i fix this mistake.

Fenix TK22UE is the 5th generation in the TK22 model line. The first of them was released back in 2012 and shocked buyers with it`s 650 lumens, frankly ridiculous figure for moden standarts. TK22 UE combines two main trends of 2019 when it was released: 21700 battery and SST40 LED. The brightness also more than doubled and reached 1600 lumens.

official model page | manual:;

You can buy Fenix TK22UE at


The package is decent, if you want to buy a Fenix ​​flashlight as a gift, then such a gift will look quite presentable.

Inside, everything you need is neatly packed in the backing: a flashlight, 21700 5000mah battery and 18650-21700 adapter, type-c charging cable, lanyard, case, O-ring, manual and warranty card.

It should be noted that the flashlight is compatible with a bunch of additional accessories.

The holster is of quite good quality, way better then the one of Fenix LD30

I am glad that, unlike the same Nitecore , the battery is usual here, so the flashlight will work with any other 21700 battery, and not just with the native one – the main thing is that it is button-top, that is, not flat-top. In the latter case, there is simply not enough length, and you will have to put 2-3 magnets on both poles or make needed contact.

By the way, the battery has built-in type-c charging connector. Charging current 1.25A. It is very convenient

The size of the Fenix ​​TK22UE is a completely ordinary for tactical or compact long-throw flashlight. In none of its dimensions does it stand out in any way against the background of the same well-known busget long-throw bestseller Sofirn C8G

But what makes it stand out is its design. The flashlight definitely looks more personable. I`m not saying Fenix TK22UE has astonishing design, no. But even so, looking at the flashlight, you immediately see that this is a branded thing. And if for a purchase for yourself this may not play a significant role, then for a purchase as a gift it is completely different.

The tail button sticks out, the flashlight will not stand as a candle. For me personally, the ability to access the button from all sides is more important than the prospect of using a flashlight as a camping flashlight. And, at worst, you can put it in a cup, it will stand.

There are springs in tailcap and at head.

The threads are perfectly lubricated, the lathe is at an excellent level, which is expected from Fenix. The thread is symmetrical, so the clip can be orientated as desired. Although I would have preferred a dualway clip.

The knurling is tenacious, the flashlight sits perfectly in the hand. In this regard, for me personally, if not convenience, then the reliability of the grip of lamps of such size clearly surpasses the grip of compact EDC models.

The head is quite usual size for tactical models. For that matter, it is smaller than C8G has, which can be seen on the photo above.

There is a button on the beveled edge. It looks, to match the color, rather gray. What prevented you from making a bezel or decorating this part in some other way? It is clear that from a purely practical point of view, the beauty of the button does not affect anything. Well, the difference between “just a button” and a goood looking button will not affect the total cost.

Otherwise, the move is shallow, soft, with a slight click. It sticks out enough that a blind search is not a problem.

There are 3 spikes on the teeth of the bezel, the manufacturer claims to be made of tungsten steel. They are not sharp enough to worry about the integrity of the pocket lining. But they cannot be called useless either.

Yes, there is also a version without UE, which has a lower price and no spikes. For light and the rest – there is no difference.

There is a smooth reflector with SST40-W at the bottom under smooth bezel. Anti-reflective glass.


Technically, if the flashlight has an instant strobe and turbo, then that makes it suitable for tactical use. I highlighted it “technically”, because it is clear that it is not only the case in UI , you should also take into account the design of the flashlight itself, otherwise any flashlight with flexible control can be treated as tactical flashlight.

And just the last, traditionally, is not about Fenix at all.

So, technically, the TK22UE has an instant turbo. If you turn off the flashlight in this mode, then the flashlight will turn on in it. And you can also turn off in LOW, which I recommend so as not to go blind, as, of course, Fenix doesnt offer instant access to the minimum brightness.

Looks like not very tactical, right?

However, in fairness, you can set access to turbo from the off state just turn flashlight off in this mode.

And turbo is just 3 quick clicks away from any moder. So, there seems to be no instant turbo, but there is no difficulty in getting to it either.

For tourism or active recreation, this is enough. For hunting, too, I suppose, if you always turn off in TURBO. But servicemen / police / airsoft gunners should carefully consider whether they will be satisfied with this inevitable appendage to all Fenix flashlights – exceptional, to the point of primitiveness UI.

But there is an instant strobe. Not from OFF, of course. Guys, seems you expect too much from Fenix. -)

In general, it is quite possible to use it. Which is what many do, without having problems. It’s just that I do not wholeheartedly approve of the Fenix approach to UI and in every possible way emphasize its disadvantage when talk to brand representatives in the hope that they will make it more flexible.

In short, for normal use, you need to get used to just turning it off every time in LOW, and turn it off in TURBO for hunting or police needs.

What the smooth choice of brightness declared in the picture refers to is a mystery to me. I’m sure that this is when you hold the button and the brightness changes smoothly, and not in discrete modes.

As usually, UI is matter of personal choice. There is nothing good for me in Fenix UI. But it is exactly what lots of people need and find comfortable. Please take this into account after all my negative words about Fenix UI.


So I criticized UI , but I won’t say anything bad about the light. A perfectly usable light. Well, there are teeth marks on the bezel, but in real use they do not interfere at all. According to the specification, the SST40-W

Visually it looked like it was the 5700K version, but the manager assured me that it was 6500K. It definitely doesn’t match what I see live. In short, no matter what version it is, the light is ok. But, of cours, I`d turn back these olde good times when Fenix used to install 5000K in lots of models.

In terms of light distribution, it turns out a kind of sub-long-thtower. In general, typical light distribution in a tactical mode..

Just a 1-2 years ago, almost each Fenix flashlight had terrible stabilization, I’m glad they got rid of this jamb and Fenix TK22UE shows full stabilization. Well done.

currents: 0.05-0.26-1-4.7A

500 lumens for 4 hours and a quarter is quite good runtime, I can tell you that on the scale of a summer cottage garden, even LOW mode is good for like garden-yard distance, like 15m. And HIGH mode will be quite luxurious light here. Let me remind you that this was TURBO mode the very first flashlight in the TK22 line. And it last for 4 and 1 \ 4 hours! In the specification, they also generously recorded the half hour that the flashlight shines in the MID after the brightness drops, but such tricks of the specifications are commonplace.

The MID itself, with its 150 lumens, is enough for 3 or even 4 evenings on one battery. And you get light, which is more than enough to shine under your feet, and at a distance of fifty meters it will show itself with a bang.

Despite its size, the flashlight has an amazing turbo run time. Of course, due to heating, with your bare hands you can only hold the flashlight by the tail after these 6 minutes. But if you have gloves, you can shine very brightly and for a very long time. But! Do not forget that such prolonged heating is clearly not useful for the battery and do not abuse TURBO mode

The second point – this is not the case when the flashlight shines for the whole only when it is fully charged. After cooling down during a pause (there is a fan on the graph), the flashlight started up again at full power!

To make it clearer, see for yourself what this flashlight is capable of. At maximum brightness, it will quite calmly cover any needs except those that require frank long-range action.

if you would like to see how Fenix TK22 UE illuminates, you can take a look at my video review in russian


In my opinion, Fenix ​​made as good flashlight as they could. The manufacturer successfully cured it from one hereditary disease – disgusting stabilization and left only one CON – extremely simple UI, which, in my opinion, doesnt allows Fenix ​​TK22UE to be really classified as a tactical flashlight.. For the sake of fairness, I note this UI that will be the most convenient for many people because of its simplicity.

Otherwise, the flashlight is quite good. Fenix, how to say, carefully use all technical innovations, and it was all the more pleasant to see lots of them in one model: a capacious 21700 battery, and the battery itself is not from the category of “take what we give”, but with the maximum capacity for this standard, yes also with a built-in charging connector.

The flashlight has excellent brightness for its size. SST40 seems to me the best solution here. Something brighter, like the XHP50.2 or XHP70.2, would have hit both the throw and the runtime. In general, it would look strange in a flashlight of this type. And something small and more throwy like XHP35 or XPL-Hi, would have hit the versatility of the flashlight, turning it into another compact long-range with not the most, frankly, amazing characteristics.

But with SST40 on board, the flashlight has excellent brightness, largely due to which it will allow you to count on a couple of hundred meters of range without any problems. Not 400m, of course, here you need to understand how these numbers are measured, but 200 with no doubts. And this is already beyond the distance that you need in most cases. And these 1600 lumens will not be some kind of marketing sneeze, the flashlight here has perhaps the longest turbo I have ever seen in this kind of model.

The modes set here is quite sane and in this regard the flashlight is quite universal. Sufficient, but not completely versatile, it would be wrong to consider it as EDC due to light distribution and size. Although for a person living somewhere outside the city, in an open area, a flashlight of just this type can become a convenient everyday model. The only thing that is clearly missing here is the mode that Fenix ​​calls eco. That is, ulralow \ moonlight \ firefly – in short, something completely dim.

In short, if you add up, it turns out something like this:
After i made review of TK22UE, flashlight left me with such an impression. It is a pretty decent continuation of the development of the general TK22 line, designed in accordance with modern technical trends. Fenix ​​TK22UE shines brightly, has quit goood throw turbo lasts for more than a long time, without stepdowns in brightness.

Due to its stylish and aggressive appearance, this model is quite suitable for fans of any tactical-looking gizmos. At the same time, I believe that the real tactical potential is definitely limited by excessive simple control, in which there is only a strobe from the really tactical one, and instant access to the turbo is possible only if you turn off the flashlight in this mode.

In the promo pictures, it is correctly written about outdoor enthusiasts, such a use case, I am sure, is more suitable for the Fenix ​​TK22UE.

In short, the phoenix is ​​great. I, frankly, am quite critical of what they are doing, but then they did the maximum possible for themselves. It could have been better (I’m talking about management, once again), but as it is – you can use it. If you are a fan of Fenix, then I am sure you will like it. And if not, then maybe not – as usual, it’s a matter of taste. And I hope my Fenix ​​TK22UE review helped answer all the questions you might have if you wanted to buy this flashlight.
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Lumeniac wrote:
The first of them was released back in 2012 and shocked buyers with it`s 650 lumens, frankly ridiculous figure for moden standarts.

This TK22UE is doing only 500 lumens with full stabilisation Smile

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well. partly. 

as a separate mode set  it has 500 stabilized, but


a) i underlined difference in max lumens in 1st and recent models. and gap is giant. 

500 lums is quite good figure 

b) take a look at turbo. it can handle level like 70% of turbo after stepdown. but flashlight gets damn hot . so i dont feel any use in this as you cannot neigher hold it barehand, nor prolonge battery life with such heat. 

thought, this is good for urgent needs.


man, as you can see, i criticize Fenix A LOT. but this one is really good comparing to what they`ve used to produce. things are better in company, but they still have some strange ideas in mind.  big company have a lot of inertia (momentum)